Lansdowne Oil & Gas. Drill pending = SP INCREASE?

Propagation of seismic wave in the ground and ...

Money! money! money!

Chalk up another great success for the world’s favourite Blogger. BMD!
I’m reposting our Sept’ article. Lansdowne are currently on a massive charge.
The stock is now up over 85% since we first highlighted them! Up now to a stonking 39p! On nothing more than a rig moving to Barryroe! Just what they will hit when they begin drilling is the 66p question! Nudge! nudge! wink! wink!

As foretold some time ago Lansdowne Oil & Gas are now being picked up on the radar of private investors. Check the link out below.

Lansdowne Oil & Gas. Eyes on here!.

So just what’s pushing the sp at the moment? Well the recent completion of the 3D seismic operations on its Amergin, Rosscarbery and Midleton Prospects in the North Celtic Sea, off the south coast of Ireland. (The surveys were acquired using the seismic vessel Polarcus Samur.) coupled with Sea-energy’s  increased stake could be one reason. However it’s more likely that an in-depth research of the companys FULL POTENTIAL INCLUDING their Barryroe prospect is responsible. Barryroe is NOT an exploration well it is an APPRAISAL well, which has flowed UP TO 1,600 barrels a day on SEVERAL previous occasions IN THE MID 1970’S AND THE 1990’s. Esso and Marathon had the oil flowing however at the time it was deemed non-commercial/unviable DUE TO IT’S WAXY CONFIGURATION BUT TIMES AND TECHNOLOGY HAVE NOW MOVED ONWARDS AS HAS THE OIL PRICE PER BARREL. The  20% stake in Barryroe alone could be worth double or treble the current share price subject to recoverable oil.

Seismic acquired on Barryroe during June 2011 COULD ALSO prove up/increase STOIIP numbers for Barryroe there’s certainly oil down there; figures in The CPR carried out by RPS Energy for Lansdowne indicated P50 and P10 STOIIP estimates for Barryroe of 373 MMB and 893 MMBO, respectively. These figures are mouth-watering . It’s not out of the question that several hundred million barrels could be confirmed shortly! Remember Lansdowne have a small market cap and ANY increase touted from the recent seismic will have a huge impact on their SP. They are rising in tandem (at the same time) as Global concerns continue. So there’s real bullish sentiment. And don’t forget there’s off-take agreements already in place!



PS. As Foretold!

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  1. Daddy Dazed says:

    It was a good tip well done and thank you but in the interests of fairness will you also acknowledge that your tipping of MTA has been less successful?

    • Brokerman says:

      I’m still in MTA who are very similar to Lansdowne. I was slatted for voicing an opinion on Lansdowne when they dipped to 15p. However the case for the company was made very clear exactly the same as the case for MATRA. Lansdowne have now pulled out due to their known oil target Barryroe. Just as Matra will. Where there’s known oil in place ultimately companys will always trend back up significantly once the market gets a sniff of it! Simple really. The moment Matra (who are debt free with no liabilities whatsoever) bring on production then their sp will react accordingly. Just wait and see. I did speak to LT one of our regular Matra commentators on here. I told him all about A13 being brought back onto production early next year TWO DAYS AGO. Of course SOME will scoff however you can always ask LT.


  2. Bob says:


    Once again, well tipped. Many thanks, could this now do what xel did? I noticed not many shares available to pi’s.

    Also OT, anythoughts on Sacoil SAC?

    From RNS yesterday

    The Group has reached reasonable certainty that its headline earnings for the six months ended 31 August 2011 will be positively impacted by at least 640% to 660%, as against the equivalent period in the previous year. (Results due Monday)
    Admission to AIM MC £127 million (April this year ) to MC today of £34.20m.

    Another OT, Bowleven recently did a similar placing to RKH on the back of Sapele 3 initial results. II’s were more than willing to take part in the placing, cant help but wonder what they were shown to entice them to risk soo much in current market conditions.

    Thaks again for your great tips.

  3. Dan says:

    I noticed in this weeks issue, roxi petroleum has got a mention and buy rating Due to the shallow well of 1500m with news due in a few weeks . They also note that the share price is already up 60% since spudding , such is the reward in the area apparantly ! Hello mr shares magazine , what the hell does max have to do to get a mention ? In the same area as roxi , with a far superior strike rate , far better revenue . The shallow well that is getting them excited at roxi is a weekly occurrence at max , we have had more shallow spuds than tesco this year , yet the market doesn’t want to know , then we have EMBA B, which is bigger than anything roxi can dream of. We are hitting oil on almost every well. No doubt if roxi find oil on this shallow they will jump over 100% without flow rates in the same negative market holding max back – you know it’s true . Seriously this well roxi are drilling is a bread and butter thing for max . Incredible .