Desire Petroleum. Rumour. One for the Day-Traders

Well the news is coming in thick and fast this week I hardly know where to start. At long last Desire Petroleums’ luck maybe about to change this week. There are some indicators coming in that news could come this week from Desire; it’s thought that

Back from the dead?

the updated Competent Persons Report over priority areas looks likely to be  published VERY shortly. So will the CPR Report contain good news? Who knows but sources close to the action are indicating a positive CPR! What this will do for the company sp is any body’s guess. But if things run true to form then I expect that day-trading will be brisk. I personally wouldn’t touch Desire with a pair of gamma ray gloves but at least it’s one for the day-traders to fight over. Good Luck and remember you got it here first!

Remember to research your trades. Happy Days.



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  1. M Khan says:

    thank you for providing this info Dan i have been burnt twice with desire and my iron balls of steel already nuke by EU crisis so I am not buying in

  2. Joseph says:

    Dan forget DESaster ! Wot about range ? Rumours everywhere ! Partnerships and oil in georgia ? ?

  3. simon says:

    i have heard good things about fontera resources looks like a sound investment with a target price of 10p,what are your thoughts on this company,many thanks. simon..