Matra Petroleum. How to skin a rabbit.

Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny in the famous 1952 M...

The Matra Rabbit.

There’s more ways than one to skin a rabbit. Yesterdays post was designed to try to force Matra to release news. I did telephone the company yesterday and spoke to them for over 30 minutes. I made it abundantly clear that if there was no news within the next few days then I would be traveling to Orenburg to source the current state of operations ongoing on A12 with complete field dynamics being photographed, with video for the launch of the new site. I fully intended to travel, make no mistake! It may be a coincidence that today Matra have updated for Investors. However it is now known by Holders that Matra have identified the source of the leak and are conducting an operation to isolate, while seeking finance for A14 (WHICH MOST ALREADY KNEW). Analysis of the production logs showed indications of water influx from behind the liner possibly from the higher Franski zone that is a known water-bearing reservoir in this well.

It just goes to show that collectively Blogs with large Private Investor followings can influence companys. Hence the new site.

The visa application goes on hold. I will certainly be traveling to Orenburg in the not to distant future however I will not be announcing it online via a WordPress Blog. It will coincide with the launching of the new site.!



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  1. bren says:

    thought it was a bit of a coincidence the RNS came out this morning lol! Anyway, some news is better than none. All I need now is 3p and I will be bailing like a lemming

  2. Great Fred says:

    So you had a good chin wag with them? I expect they didn’t want a non company man noseying around Dan hence why they released an rns today. It looks like a hastily put together short update mate.

    Well done dan

  3. Joseph says:

    What is obvious from the rns is that we are seriously over estimating matra . They havent released news in a reasonable time because there was very little news worth releaseing ! We all thought they must be somewhere near fixing a12 by now . Grim