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Lots of interest on Matra this week. As ever the company are keeping tight-lipped. However we here at the Blog do not sit on our laurels. It is now time to take decisive action.

I am as always fully supportive of the company and believe that eventually all will come good for genuine holders of the stock. News is well overdue and our sources indicate that when it comes it will be a full update on A13,A12,A14. There’s no doubt that the workover must be progressing TO A CONCLUSION ON A12. So with this in mind I will be traveling to Russia in the next 2 weeks to ascertain and research exactly where we stand.

I will of course update the Blog from Orenburg with all the usual Pic’s,info etc.


Stay tuned I will on the ground in Orenburg soon!





PS That’s providing the company don’t release the news before I go!

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  1. MikeST says:

    Looking forward to it Dan, any information – at all – will be fantastic!

  2. Stevieg says:

    Excellent I’d come with if I only had the balls.

    Good Luck Dan.


  3. Sara+William long term holders of Matra says:

    Hold your horses Dan the news might be out by then.
    Becareful you don’t end up on a plane then they release the news

  4. Jules says:

    Thank you Dan, you can almost hear the tumbleweed blowing with this share….the lack of info from them is a disgrace, even just to say work is still ongoing etc out of courtesy, considering the amount of money I and others have invested in them………GL with your findings!

  5. Joseph says:

    Thats a good idea dan but hope news comes before . Also its an expensive trip , will they let you anywhere near the site , or give anything away at all ? We have lost enough hard earned on matra so far already !

  6. Jim says:


    Any thoughts re Oilex recently, I know they released an RNS recently detailing their findings, where do you see this going now???


  7. Angela says:

    Cover yourself dan is freezing in Orenburg lol

    GL and bring some photos of the field and the well if you can.



  8. miopus says:

    You could always import some Russians who want to defect, Dan.

    Could prove just as or even more interesting than news on Matra ……………..

  9. Craig Kennedy says:


    I carnt believe your still trying to ramp this dog of a share. Give it up, take the loss and move on

    • Brokerman says:

      Craig I can’t believe your falling for the nonsense being posted on chat sites. The fact is that Matra are sat on a minimum of 15.1 million barrels of Urals blend. The research from various Brokerages suggests that this will at the very least double to over 30 million barrels. it will more than likely on full field prouction be in excess of the expected 30 million and could rise to 50 million plus. The reason why I believe in this company is based on the stone cold fact that the oil is there. Unlike other explorers Matra have the oil. Yes they have consistently cocked up failing to control the water problem however the oil is there and believe me it is only a question of time before this oil begins to flow. Ask yourself this question. Desire are currently trading at 19pish. where is their oil? The market is littered with companys trading far in excess of Matra and they haven’t got a tenth of the Matra oil.The sp at the moment is suffering from investor fatigue and perception/confidence will only change when Matra release good news. I’ll place a sportsmans bet with you Craig. In 12 months time what price Matra? You give me your forecast and I’ll tell you mine. You should seriously think about taking a small position in the company while the stock is at rock bottom.


  10. kendo says:

    stick with it,will come good sooner rather than later

  11. Joseph says:

    News at last ! But oh dear just the normal slow , luke warm stuff,still not sure if when and how , yawn !! . At least they havent given up on a12 , not at lot more positive than that tho. I like the bit where it says” in the interests of share holders ” , ha bloody ha bit late for that ! !

  12. Dan says:

    Dan any update on mxp, you said an update was on the way a few weeks ago.
    Like you mention above with desire , mxp are the same, they have plenty of oil, hit oil 9 times in 2011 and they spud the deep well in 11 days going after 1billion barrels with a market cap of 100m
    Was 20p before the 9 strikes – then hit 10p in august despite a great year
    Ramping production. From the shallows alone the debt won’t even be an issue come 2013. The deeps are almost free at this price, nothing priced in for them. 50p target price for the shallows alone . Ask-2 must be near 60% cos now – 50m barrels from this one , news due any day.
    Flow rates from one of the 9 wells increased production by near 50% – imagine when we get all the others flowing? Yet all these non producers can fly – we tank on every oil find . Incredible