Greece. The land of the living dead.

A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ...

Both Barrels Please!.

It’s a right cock-up!. The Greek debt crisis continues to play havoc with the Global Economy. Banks,Institutions and Investors around the Financial World eagerly digest each snippet of news analysis and comment. So I might as well throw my hat into the ring and add to the deafening cacophony.

The Greek Emperor has no clothes infact Greece has been stumbling around bollock naked for months, the body died from a highly toxic disease, debt addiction exposure. Procrastination reigns supreme in Europe as debate rages on how to save AN ALREADY DEAD patient. It’s as plain as the sun rising each and every day. Greece is Monumentally Bankrupt. The patient died many months ago. The corpse is rotting openly on the world stage prancing around like a drunken Zombie. European governments still denying and refusing to face the truth; an infectious zombie is on the loose.

The only hope is to save its soul the body is lost. Please end the misery. Get down take a firing position and pull the trigger, fire the Default shotgun, aim directly for the head and for God’s sake please use both barrels. This is the  only way to ensure a clean kill, Zombies are a notoriously difficult kill. Maybe then we can all get a good nights sleep; even if it is by Default!



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  1. MikeST says:

    Fantastic metaphor, then after reload and take aim at Italy, ideally right between Berlusconi’s eyes!

  2. Bill Lauder says:

    Totally Agree

  3. S says:

    Hi brokerman…I would really like you to say a thing or two regarding SimiGon SIM.L

    Can you please do some research and let me know what you think. Thanks

  4. Lee says:

    No no no, best way to go for a zombie is ‘double tap’

    Single barrel headshot then while it’s down and prone on the ground use the 2nd as a close ranger to ensure it’s down permamently.

  5. Dan says:

    The world is essentially fully bankcrupt. The disease will keep spreading, bail out after bail out until nothing is left . The banks will bear the brunt and will never be the same again