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Are you a listed company? Are you thinking of listing? Are you seeking Capital Funding?

Would you like to sit down to lunch with one of the City of London’s highly respected FSA regulated Securities Companies?

In the current climate many small to medium business’s have funding requirements which are being overlooked & pushed to the side by their Brokers.

All too often companies complete the complex listing process then fail to push through & maintain the initial interest in their company. This is a direct result of your Nomad/Brokerage failing your company. As a Private Investor I have personally taken part in various offerings over the years. There are some excellent Brokerages in the City, the pity is that they are few and far between.

Indeed some larger Brokerages offering advisory services see small capital companies as an annoyance. You get a second-rate service from your advisor, usually a junior!

The BMD Blog has relationships with the Institutional Investment Community both in the UK and Internationally. If you are a small to medium company seeking extra funding or advice whether you are listed or not then contact the site email for details.

There is NO charge whatsoever for this service.

Confidentiality Assured.

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