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I acting as the returning officer do hereby declare that the number of votes cast for the Roxi Blame Game Poll are as follows!

FTalphaville/Neil Hume/Bryce Elder 483  21.71%
A combination of all the above 228  10.27%
Greed 221  10%
London South East Site 216  9.73%
The city boys 192  8.65%
The BMD Blog 173  7.84%
Daytraders 83  3.69%
Roxi Petroleum. 64  2.88%
ADVFN 47  2.07%
Hope 45  1.98%

The total number of votes cast WERE 2223. I do hereby declare that FT ALPHAVILLE PIPPED INTERACTIVE INVESTOR for the top slot. It just goes to show how strong the feeling is that Interactive Investor is as we already know here the major online sanctuary of internet Rampers AND Numpties. We know who you are! And who you’re lead by Come on down King Hub of the rampers and one nasty son of a bitch, who has plagued the BMD site comments sections with the most disgraceful abuse. Of course he’ll deny it. But BT IP’s  DON’T LIE. More of later ( After the official complaint lodged to BT  Who are being very helpful to track and trace him from his BT IP. )



PS. There’s more than one way to cap a Hub! LMAO!

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No Responses

  1. So sneaky Hub has been posting abuse on your Blog. Why does that not surprise me. His site is pants and its obvious to all he’s green with jealousy against any one that threatens his No1 spot. He’s been under pressure Spikey is closing in on the top spot. Cant stop laughing at how desperate he’s sounding.
    Well done Bro’ give it him royal both barrels


  2. Tombombadil says:

    Dans at it again causing rucktions. Pack it in Daniel. I think you love causing trouble. Naughty but nice

    Entertainment value 9 of 10

  3. Madge Simpson says:

    Dan, you’re an arse. Shut up.

    • MikeJones says:

      Why’s he an “arse?” Have you ever read some of the stuff that Hubs wrote about Dan? This is the first time that Dans spoke up about it. Well done BMD for ripping him to bits. Its about time you responded to his nastyugly lies. Hub you are a disgrace and a snake. How goes the Death list Hub? O sorry were not allowed to say that are we Hub you tosser.
      Big Up to ya Daniel


  4. tHE fISHERKING says:

    How do you know its Hub posting abuse Dannyboy? It could be anyone.
    Lets face it this is the internet mate and theres fools aplenty out there. I know poor old Hub posts abuse about on II but so do others thats they way it is mate online one only has to read the chat logs they’re full of claptrap with bickering the norm

  5. tHE fISHERKING says:

    The hunt for Hubs home address is it? Have you complained to BT?

  6. BarnstonPickle says:

    Well said Dan you are the man.
    Hub never stops slagging you off. Glad you are hunting him down like the rat he is.


  7. Jamesyboy says:

    Great poll Dan. Isn’t it a sad reflection on some who try to deflect away from their Death-lists (Hubbys Hotlist) by talking bullacca. Cant stand the man myself he’s a nasty liar. He is shitting it that Spikeydt will get the top spot on iii

  8. Gerrythedeadsnake says:

    Enjoyed the poll shame you linked it to dafty on iii
    I best to ignore them Brokerman I just blank the guy he’s a total wet blanket racked with envy.

  9. SpikeyDT says:

    Well played Dan on exposing Hub but I suspect much more. I think you will find that he is also misleading many of his sheeple who can not be bothered to check the facts of his crap. A perfect example would his bullshit “When the EX Dana ceo joined Parkmead, the sp jumped almost 1000%” in comparison to the possible future rise of GKP but is totally incorrect, PMK never rose almost 1000% when Mr Tom Cross took office as he indicates, it rose a fraction of this on the day, the following week and beyond but took over 2 months to rise the percentage which Hub commented. It may also be worth noting that despite the rules of iii Hub is allowed to plug his site and direct readers to his site by advertising on iii but this is against the rules of iii. Obviously iii’s number 1 poster is privileged to a very different set of rules then the rest of us plebs. Another noticeable occurrence is that he never discusses to disastrous performance of his 2011 hotlist. Posters leave messages on iii but they all go ignored and also you will find that posts left on his site are moderated not to appear so the other readers have no idea that his performance is questioned or attempted to be discussed. I urge all to question the motives of Hub (along with other prominent posters of iii) but also the favourable treatment he is given by iii about the advertising of his site and it may be the case that they are not as separate as they seem. My suspect mind and all my opinion but the evidence is there for all to see and make judgement.

    • Brokerman says:

      It just isn’t cricket posting disgusting and disgraceful comments. This Hub character has posted over 300 comments over the last 18 months. ALL have been logged and saved each and every one of them is disgusting in nature. We are aware of the blatant bullshit this loony has posted on III about myself and the Blog. This is more of a reflection on him than us. The man is a Day-trader and a complete fraud. Woe betide him if I ever bump into him at any of the various seminars. He will be challenged immediately regarding the disgusting content he has been posting on our site. Of course he’ll deny it but BT have already confirmed that the IP belongs to them. It is now just a question of time. Once they confirm they have the ip registration details then we will instruct our solicitor to issue a formal request for the details.

      Daniel Levy.

      • SpikeyDT says:

        Dan you will find that HUB does not attend any seminars or presentation and if he does he certainly does not advertise his presence so your hope of bumping into him at any event is very remote. I hope you continue your pursuit and shame him.

        • Brokerman says:

          He’s already been shamed. When BT inform me that they have the IP registrant details and have taken action then I will instruct my solicitor to apply for his details so that we can fire off an epistle with a formal warning. As for bumping in to him at a seminar that is down to mere chance. I don’t think he’s the type to advertise his presence, rats always keep in the shadows. He now knows that we are on to him some of the comments he has attempted to post are (And I kid you not) shockingly sick/disgusting.
          Thanks Spikey


  10. Steve says:

    As the discussion board om III has been empty for the vast part of the time I wonder how people voted that 2nd? Maybe it was a rigged vote.

    • Brokerman says:

      Obviously you’re an Interactive subscriber. It’s just a bit of fun poll run through Poll-Daddy they run literally tens of thousands of them every day. I hardly think that they’d bother to rig it.
      Still you’re entitled to your opinion even if it is a crackpot one!


  11. advfnguy says:

    Message for Madge Simpson.
    I like this site and it’s helped me on many occasions to check and double check my stocks. Calling Dan an “arse” is all very well and good AND TO DAN’S CREDIT HE’S ALLOWED YOUR COMMENT TO APPEAR, WHICH JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT DANS ANYTHING BUT AN ARSE IN FACT I think it proves that he’s a fair minded guy. I DOUBT YOUR BELOVED HUB WOULD ALLOW SUCH A POST ON HIS PISS POOR Blog.

    Keep up the Blog Dan and well done for the honest way you post comments that knock you. It’s refreshing.
    Excellent Blog