Roxi Petroleum. HUGE OIL DISCOVERY on the cards?

Me Reading the Financial Times

The FT. Excellent sources.

There’s an awful lot of rumour flying around regarding Roxi WITH whispers that they have made a HUGE oil DISCOVERY OF 900 MILLION BARRELS of OIL.IF THEY HAVE MADE THIS DISCOVERY THEN INVESTORS CAN STICK A ZERO ON THE CURRENT SHARE PRICE” so says one of our SVS sources.

The FT have come out and indicated that a 900 million barrel discovery is being mooted around the markets. How true is it? Well the OLD GIRL (Financial Times) is probably one of best informed financial papers in the world. Their sources are superior and the FT doesn’t post articles lightly. It’s interesting to note that the company are keeping “mum” even though their NOMAD will have informed them that due to the rise, WAY OVER 120%; Roxi should have released an RNS. I DO HOLD STOCK HERE AT LEVELS OF 12p so I’m more than happy to hold and await the company release. There’s obviously some thing afoot. The biggest pointer to the way it’s going to go is the stubborn response I got from the company yesterday when I put it to them “NO COMMENT” which sounded robotic they obviously had been inundated with calls! I get the feeling that it’s just another market rumour. I’d take it with a pinch of salt!Roxi are being traded up and down but the pressure is upwards. The company will more than likely be forced to announce Friday at the latest.  Any confirmation will quadruple the current share-price. But I wouldn’t hold my breath!



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  1. berkshireknight says:

    Hi Dan,
    I am not a holder of Roxi but reading the last few RNS’s I cant see where this 900mmbbl discovery can come from as it looks like they aint drilling anything till next year and that the the 900 figure comes from an independent audit which is old news.
    can you clarify please

    • Brokerman says:

      It could be that the company are sat on positive data i.e. seismic,geographical or have elucidated raw data from what is known as a “quiet drill” which is an exploratory drill commissioned on the quiet, hence the name or they could have discovered oil from one of their drilled assets which may have been over-looked. Basically it could come from a myriad of sources. The market is a buz; news is that they will have to come out one way or another.
      Fingers crossed


  2. berkshireknight says:

    Wouldn’t you agree that any kind of drill would require an RNS as it is SP affecting event?
    Seems a massive rise when no known drill is taking place mate

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes I would agree however there are always caveats. I’ll tell you exactly what’s happened re the market. The AIM will have already contacted ROXI asking for clarification and ROXI will have had to inform the regulators of exactly what is going on with the share-price. If they had informed the market regulators that they knew of no reason blah blah blah then word would have got out. There is some thing afoot here.


  3. Harry says:

    very interesting this. i did wonder about the 50%+ rise yesterday, did seem very strange as they’ve tanked. I bought £2.5k’s worth at about 7.6p many months ago, within a few days it was up at 9p but has been tanking ever since. If i manage to break even even then i’ll be very happy, as I effectively wrote this off as a total loss anyway and have been holding just in case anything ever happened. 50p would be a delight i must admit, not that it could ever happen but here’s hoping. 10p would be joyous 😀

    • Brokerman says:

      If there’s no news one way or the other they’ll continue to climb. Take your profit whenever you can; always derisk at the first available opportunity. Harry,that’s the secret of good investing. Some people refuse to sell when they are showing 200/300% profit. Absolute madness. Professional traders work on 6%!

      Good Luck


  4. Marcus says:

    Hi Daniel
    Thanks for the Lansdowne tip made a good few quid.
    I’m in profit of 137% on Roxi whenever they hit 7p what should I do or more to the point what would you do if it was you?

    • Brokerman says:

      You need to make that decision yourself.
      However I would topsplice at the very least always derisk your investment whenever showing a huge gain that’s my philosophy.


  5. Oli says:

    I just want to point out that your article mentions 900million and 900BILLION barrels of oil.
    How much would 900 BILLION barrels of oil be worth? 🙂

  6. X factor wannabe says:

    Marcus. Are you mad? Take your profit.
    Good advice Dan he should at least take out his initial investment. I’d sell the lot.

    • says:

      Looks like this was all rumour mill. RNS out with no explanation on movement 🙁

  7. V Bizzle says:

    RNS on website – “The Company notes the significant rise in its share price over the past two days and media speculation over discoveries, and can confirm that it is not aware of any operational reason for the movement.”

    …….. nuff said

  8. berkshireknight says:

    What a pump and dump !!!

  9. Mr Wool says:

    What do you make of those on the BB’s saying that they have the wrong company and that it is MXP that have the 900m barrell potential?

    Sounds fishy to me all this! is this another classic pump and dump attempt by someone out there?

    Lots of money to be made or lost here!!

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s a strange one. Why the company never came out with their statement yesterday or the day before is just another one of those market mysterys. I still hold my lot and will continue to. There’s always tomorrow.


  10. conal says:

    Nightmare thought this upbeat post was the start of something. Ended up lossing £1200 in 7mins. Guted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. V Bizzle says:

    Can I ask why the comments section is off for the latest Roxi update?

  12. Marcus says:

    Thanks for the reply Daniel
    I did sell@ 6.88. Lesson well learnt always take big gains.
    Phew! Thanks for the help

  13. Stevio says:

    Can you believe some people? They’re incredibly dumb. The rumour of the 900 million was circulating around the city. I spoke to Jarvis this morning who were excited. The Financial Times reported it, as did many other media organizations. The whole of the internet were all talking about it lse.advfn,google finance,interactive investor,motley fool and your blog too Dan. Apparently it’s all now your fault.
    You’ve got to laugh at some of these frigs typical online pricks blaming anybody but themselves.

  14. andy says:

    Ever had the feeling you’ve been had.

  15. Foxy Roxy says:

    Hello boys, why don’t you let the dust settle.