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No Responses

  1. Allan says:

    GKP Post Password still awaited.

  2. Craggy says:

    Hi BMD,

    Is there any update from the city on Bezant resources following the RNS last week? Seems to have gone quiet..


  3. ladyboy1 says:

    any one getting passwords ro rkh and gkp ,as iam not getting any


  4. Biggleswick says:

    Dan, you have sent out password protected notices for RKH and GKP but neither have had a password sent out according to most people. I haven’t received a password for either. Thanks.

  5. Dan says:

    Thank you Dan very much appreciated . I am holding max and hoping for big things over the next 6 months .

  6. shareminator says:

    Hi Dan any closer to the MXP update, awaiting eagerly 😀