Norway. A Nation Mourns.

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It’s a very sad day for the people of Norway. The country that hosts the Noble peace prize. How Ironic. Yet again another right wing extremist, religious, sanctimonious, twisted loonertick has murdered scores of innocent men,women and children. Far right extremists, Muslim fundamentalists there’s no difference between them they are all condemned as despicable people whose slant on the world and life has been corrupted and poisoned to the point where mass murder of innocents becomes logical!  As a dyed in the wool non-believer of these religions, formulated thousands of years ago, it’s time the world turned its back on them and progressed society away from this clapped out voodoo. Men that come back from the dead, Monkeys worshipped,Virgin births, Sacred elephants, Reincarnation for all, Heaven, Hell, VIRGINS FOR THE BLESSED,  Noah’s Ark and the ark of the covenant TO NAME BUT A FEW OF THE RIDICULOUS tenets used to indoctrinate. No matter where one stands every major religion has raped, burned, tortured, murdered and waged war on innocent people. Religion should come with a health warning; RELIGION KILLS INNOCENT PEOPLE.  Humanity should base it’s morals on Humanist theory for the benefit of all humankind. There’s only one race of people on the planet and that’s the Human Race!

(Reuters) – A suspected far-right gunman in police uniform killed at least 84 people in a ferocious attack on a youth summer camp of Norway’s ruling Labour party, hours after a bomb killed seven in Oslo.

Witnesses said the gunman, identified by police as a 32-year-old Norwegian, moved across the small, wooded island of Utoeya in a lake northwest of Oslo Friday, firing at young people who scattered in panic or tried to swim to safety.

Police detained the tall, blond suspect, named by local media as Anders Behring Breivik, and charged him for the killing spree and the bombing of government buildings in Oslo.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, capturing the shock this normally quiet nation of 4.8 million is experiencing, said: “A paradise island has been transformed into a hell.”

Deputy Police Chief Roger Andresen would not speculate on the motives for what was believed to be the deadliest attack by a lone gunman anywhere in modern times.

“He describes himself as a Christian, leaning towards right-wing Christianity, on his Facebook page,” Andresen said.

Initial speculation after the Oslo blast had focussed on Islamist militant groups, but it appears that only Breivik — and perhaps unidentified associates — was involved.

Home-grown right-wing militancy has generated occasional attacks elsewhere, notably in the United States, where Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people with a truck bomb at a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, among many world leaders, condemned the Norway attacks. “This tragedy strikes right at the heart of the soul of a peaceful people,” she said.

Andresen, the deputy police chief, said the casualty toll could still rise. “As of now we have 84 dead at Utoeya,” he said. “In Oslo, with the explosion and the impact it had, we are not yet sure if that number is final. At Utoeya, the water is still being searched for more victims.”

Teenagers at the lakeside camp fled screaming in panic, many leaping into the water to save themselves, when the assailant began spraying them with gunfire, witnesses said.

“I just saw people jumping into the water, about 50 people swimming towards the shore. People were crying, shaking, they were terrified,” said Anita Lien, 42, who lives by Tyrifjord lake, a few hundred metres (yards) from Utoeya.

“They were so young, between 14 and 19 years old.”

Survivor Jorgen Benone said: “It was total chaos…I think several lost their lives as they tried to get over to the mainland.

“I saw people being shot. I tried to sit as quietly as possible. I was hiding behind some stones. I saw him once, just 20, 30 metres away from me. I thought ‘I’m terrified for my life’, I thought of all the people I love.

“I saw some boats but I wasn’t sure if I could trust them. I didn’t know who I could trust any more.”

“We had all gathered in the main house to talk about what had happened in Oslo. Suddenly we heard shots. First we thought it was nonsense. Then everyone started running,” one survivor, a 16-year-old called Hana, told Norway’s Aftenposten.

“I saw a policeman stand there with earplugs. He said ‘I’d like to gather everyone’. Then he ran in and started shooting at people. We ran down towards the beach and began to swim.”

Hana said the gunman fired at people in the water.

Many sought shelter in buildings as shots echoed across the island that was hosting the annual camp for the youth wing of the Labour Party, the dominant force in politics since World War Two. Others fled into the woods or tried to swim to safety.

Stoltenberg said he knew many of the victims personally. “I know the young people and I know their parents,” he said.

“And what hurts more is that this place where I have been every summer since 1979, and where I have experienced joy, commitment and security, has been hit by brutal violence — a youth paradise has been transformed into a hell.”

“What happened at Utoeya is a national tragedy,” he said. “Not since World War Two has our country seen a greater crime.”


The bomb, which shook Oslo’s centre in mid-afternoon, blew out the windows of the prime minister’s building and damaged the finance and oil ministry buildings.

Police found undetonated explosives on Utoeya, a pine-clad island about 500 metres long.

Breivik’s Facebook page appeared to have been blocked by late Friday. Earlier, it had listed interests including bodybuilding, conservative politics and freemasonry.

Norwegian media said he had set up a Twitter account a few days ago and posted a single message on July 17 saying: “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests.”

About 10 policemen were outside the address registered to his name in a four-storey red brick building in west Oslo.

The Norwegian daily Verdens Gang quoted a friend as saying he became a right-wing extremist in his late 20s. It said he expressed strong nationalistic views in online debates and had been a strong opponent of multi-cultural ism.

Oslo was quiet but tense after Friday’s bombing in the government district littered streets with shattered masonry, glass and twisted steel. Police sealed off the area.

The district attacked is the heart of power in Norway. But security is not tight in a country unused to such violence and better known for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize and mediating in conflicts, including the Middle East and Sri Lanka.

A Utoeya survivor said she was still in shock. “I cannot squeeze out one tear. I cannot believe it,” wrote 23-year-old student Khamshajiny Gunaratnam on her blog.

She said participants in the summer camp were just digesting news of the Oslo bombing when they heard shooting.

“‘Who the hell is that joker?’ we thought. Who would have thought that it actually wasn’t a joke?”

Terrified, Gunaratnam hid in toilets in the main building and then fled to the shore. “We fell and stumbled through a lot of bushes and large rocks. I got many scratches.”

When the shooting came closer, she jumped into the cold water and was eventually picked up by a rescue boat.

“Even when we had reached the boat, I could not relax…He could still hit us with his machinegun!” Gunaratnam wrote. I did not feel safe. Not at all.”

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  1. provestor says:

    A very sad day for norweigians yet i still sympathisise with the victims….

    On another note could you answer this question: When usin candlestick charts should you utilise trade price data or share price data.


  2. EVO says:

    Hmmmm mixed emotions about your response provester , Laugh or cry ? I’d of possibly left out the last sentence .

  3. Gary says:

    Another terrible day in the slaughter of innocents, and what for? what does this regular occurance actually achieve?
    May the Perpetrators of these crimes forever pay the price If/when the resurrection takes place and we have to answer for our actions.

  4. greg dock says:

    BMD, i would strongly disagree with you notion that it is Religion that kills. People, mad people kill more. The Norwegian berserker killed randomly. Isn’t Humanist theory a religion, a code? Are you going to stop people coming up with a way of preventing Classes and Sects of Humanist theory?
    Granted that lots of people have been killed in the name of religion over the ages, including genocide and wars etc but the main faiths preach that there is a hereafter or you will be affected by your deeds. Followers of these faiths (the vast majority of whom are peaceloving) would not kill innocents knowing that there is a hereafter that they will be judged for. Surely scores more would be killed if all of these peaceloving had no hereafter (life purpose or judgement day) to look forward to. What would the point of life be? No religion (Athiesm) would breed an attitude of ” Who cares if we rape, kill, oppress etc? – i’ll just take what i want (incl. substance abuse), when i want, you only live once. Whats the point of learning and progress in humanity, why have children or help people- why not just enjoy drink/drugs to the max and then die,”.
    p.s. I refuse to believe that the beauty/complexity of nature and my existence is an accident.

    • Brokerman says:

      Well Greg I’d have to say that you’re living in a fantasy world. Religion is man made. It is a form of social control used by the elite to control the masses. There’s no God. The sooner people shake off this indoctrination the better for all concerned.. I’m an atheist but I believe in the decency of Human Beings to do the right thing. Religion has done nothing for humanity other than to promise the poor that although their lot in this life is terrible theirs is the kingdom of heaven. The greatest con trick ever perpetrated on the world. The Vatican and the church of England are the biggest purveyors of this utter rubbish. Both organisations are dripping with wealth and untold riches. Bishops ,Cardinals and Priests feeding off the ignorant using superstition and fear to keep their place at the trough! I suggest you read Alistair Crowley and his ilk. These Religions/institutions are staffed by men/women and these so called Holy people have perpetrated mass murder on a global scale for thousands of years!