Rockhopper Exploration. News coming through.

I’m gathering unconfirmed market whispers here  that it is looking likely that the 14/10-5 appraisal well located just north of the Sea Lion 14/10-2 discovery well and 13 metres updip at top reservoir level. May be on the money . Reports are unconfirmed. The company, who I spoke to this morning  refused to deny or confirm which tells me that news is on the way. The sp is acting as if news is leaking.

It’s unconfirmed but the source/s have proven to be accurate in the past. Now remember it is UNCONFIRMED so please do not jump in on the basis of this post!

Good Luck



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  1. 13thMonkey says:

    Thank you Dan.

  2. OILBUG says:

    Thanks Dan

  3. ladyboy says:

    hi dan thanks for the info’ i am twitchy because all the share’s have rissen a week out then dumped a day or two before then cleaned up when they go hi close to rns i am think pump and dump ,i hope i am wrong because i am in for a hair cut ..



  4. kennyb... says:

    Cheers Dan….i couldn’t get anywhere with that last spikey password,seems it was too long ,and wouldn’t let me in…

  5. Doolally says:

    What would be a good result for this appraisal Dan?