Winners. Champions league final score.

Manchester City crest from 1997-present

Jenny Ericsons' early entry for the 2012 CLF! Man City v Barcelona!

Here are the winning entries in order of timed post. The actual very first email received From Simon Niven was correct however Simon works for Xcap securities so it’s hard cheese there! But well done Simon.

Jane Rezunal,RayWilde,John Mishkco,Choudry Mohammed,Peter Hindes, congratulations to the winners please contact the Administration via the email.

Commiserations to….. Chriscgv,Mahimai Raj,Omer baig,Corzeone,varatharajan K,Christopher Jones,Stuart Simmonds,LakhalLakhal,Imitaz Patel,Euan McKean(Disqualified multipule entries),Leon Sacks,Ben Hepworth,Chris Manetta,Amanda Donaldson,Robin Widdows,Richard Bulmer,Martin Wilkinson,John Irwin,Daniel Godbolt,Nwates,Tom Smith,Dave Beck,John Quaye,Allan Urquhart,David Lloyd,Neil Hill,Steven Kimble (Aged 15)

These are the entrants who actually predicted the correct score.

At first glance there were 51 correct entries which have been whittled down after disqualification for…. multipule entries,prediction after game had finished,Broker,City employee,Under age,Banker,

Well done to the winners and thanks to all who took the time to participate. It was a great success not least thanks to JENNY ERICSON who may have inadvertently predicted next years champions league final and result!

Jenny Ericson to me
show details 4:05 PM (21 hours ago)

I reckon it will be Manchester City 1 Barcelona 2



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No Responses

  1. Raj says:

    i Di post the result straight after i received the email and it was the right score (Man u 1 – 3 barcelona. my name is not even in the right prediction list. i wonder y !!!!

    • James says:

      Stop whinging because you never won. Your name si in the bloody list your eiter blind of daft.

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes you are quite correct you did predict the correct score.
      For some reason, your name was missed from the runners up list. I think this was due to a multpule entrant with the same surname “RAJ” .
      mahimai raj mahimai.raj@*********
      date Sat, May 28, 2011 at 2:20.53 PM
      subject Champions league prediction

      Unfortunately you were not quick enough! I have added your name to the runners up lists. Well done.


  2. Ben says:

    Noooooo… I was sure I was fast enough! lol

  3. euan mckean says:

    there were no rules against multiple entries! unfair 😀

  4. provestor says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Also Dan whats the age limit for this site?

    • Brokerman says:

      There’s no actual age limit although the seting is general access. But I would hope that most are above the age of 18 etc. But one never knows. I recall that you emailed the blog admin????


      • provestor says:

        That i did! I expect you got it then? thanks for your posts anyway. The china one was interesting considering ive recently been tere

      • provestor says:

        That i did! I expect you received it then?

        Thanks for all your posts. I found your china one fairly interesting considering ive recently been to Beijing!

      • provestor says:

        Im pretty sure i already wrote a reply but oh well.

        and yes i did email the admin. I assume you received it?

        Thanks for your post on china this morning. v.informative since i visited there recently.

        Many thanks

  5. kennyb says:

    I predicted the correct score and mailed admin just once…I can’t see my name on the list.

    Cheers Kennyb

    • Brokerman says:

      There’s no email from you in the in-tray or the spam filter.


      • Anthony says:

        I dont see my name in winners or runners up mate! Pretty sure I was there in good time ? Any chance if checking again??

  6. John Mishkco says:

    I’m emailed you my details. Brilliant.
    Mr John Mishkco.

  7. kennyb says:

    Hi Dan…

    Ive sent a copy of the email i sent…i’m more interested now
    as to why you didn’t receive the original,i’m not trying to make a fuss,just curious for any future stuff you may do.

    Cheers Kennyb