FTAlphaville. A Dictatorship in all but name!

Joseph Stalin


Breaking news from twitter. It seems that Alphamorons Neilanderthall and Leg Bryce Elder have been upset by AN eagle-eyed twitter user! Khy6, a respected private investor noticed that Neilanderthall and his crusty snide-kick Leg-Bryce had got their facts wrong on XEL he/she pointed out the errors of their ways only to be fobbed off with some FTalphaville fork tongue double-speak. The deadly duo took exception to being corrected by a lowly private investor! Oh the shame of it! Professional to the last they then went about in typical Stalinist fashion by deleting the incriminating tweets and BLOCKING Khy6 for having the temerity to correct them!!!. Yes they rewrote history!!! Stalin and Chairman Moa Tse-Tung would be proud of them! Not to worry boys I would never ask the followers of this Blog to conduct Guerrilla tactics by joining the FT and causing havoc on your daily Muppets live show!!! That would be like some one from the FT posting nasty comments on this Blog, after all IP’s can be traced!


Dan The bin man!

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  1. Dem0l1K says:

    This doesn’t seem like you Dan! You’ve been kicking ass and I respect that. I’m sure everyone who listens to you does as welll, except II.


  2. alex says:

    Hi Dan, any comments on Northern Petroleum today’s RNS…….its bleedin tanked!!

  3. k mk says:

    correct me if I am wrong ( I don’t read Alphaville/FT) but gathered from the LSe Board, that he came to the conclusion that XEL would need around $600million capital investment before full production, and for that reason recommended to avoid the stock.
    These are serious figures with grave implication for the XEl shareprice and PIs deserve (!?) to know the truth.

  4. freesoft says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

  5. cb says:

    HI Dan any news on GKP please?? Been a while…

  6. chriso says:

    Hi Dan any news on GKP?