Ryan Giggs,Super-injunctions and Imogen Thomas! Tactics.

Ryan Giggs (Manchester United Museum)

Tactics all wrong!

The word is out on twitter,Facebook and WordPress.The recent super-injunction sought by Schilling’s on behalf of their client has been shredded and left in tatters by social-networking sites. Just why Giggs didn’t come clean in the first place must count as one of the biggest public-relations disasters in recent history. He should’ve  known that he could not dribble his way out of this one! If he had allowed events to take their natural course the whole sad, sorry affair would’ve  petered out in a month or so, after-all it’s only another kiss & tell about a Premier league football player. They are as common as muck!  Which brings me on nicely to Imogen Thomas.

It’s been a great career booster for Thomas; the ex-Big Brother contestant’s agents are milking the story for all it’s worth. Thomas has been a regular figure on TV screens across the country as well as filling up the columns of most of the UK press. To suggest that she tried to blackmail Giggs for 100k, a signed shirt and some Manchester United tickets thrown in for good measure lacks credibility, whoever thought that one up needs red carding and prescribing a course of reality pills! Thomas’s kiss & tell will now accrue her much, much more.  Her status and stock in trade are already rising on the back of the super-injunction whilst her agent has been increasing personal appearance fees while being inundated with offers.

It’s all about Money

Imogen Thomas stands to make several million pounds. Schilling’s will make a tidy lump of cash, the Sun will grab the headlines and increase circulation while Giggs will attempt a damage limitation exercise on his image rights. The best form of defence is attack, every player should  know it. Rather than attempt a defensive holding position Giggs should’ve  gone on the attack taking the game to the opposition,with a genuine public apology to wife and family, instead he has scored a MONUMENTAL own goal!


The British legal system now stands accused of protecting the rich and famous while freedom of speech has been left bleeding in the gutter. Not because of some Global crisis but due to some wannabe minor celeb having it off with a married footballer!  The real victims in all the furore haven’t been given a thought. Enter Mrs Giggs and family,  not so much as a word on the terrible emotional upset that this tawdry affair must be causing her.

Giggs should have known that playing away from the marital home can and often does result in divorce and defeat.



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No Responses

  1. Luke says:

    One place I thought we were safe from the Cra9

  2. Dictatorship says:

    You are in breach of a super injunction we will be hanging drawing and quartering all twitter users!

    Great article Danny. Well-written ARE YOU A JOURNALIST of some kind?
    Tin pot Dictator

  3. Dan says:

    They say that footballers are stupid, but one has taken the stupidity way past the norm and into
    a realm only ever really explored by Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole.
    Step up Ryan Giggs, you complete plonker.

  4. dragon says:

    Anybody interested and wanting to find out it is Giggs only has to do a quick Goggle . A very odd article for a site that’s billed as ” A must read for every serious private investor”. Stick to what you are good at and what we are interested in Dan!

  5. miopus says:

    Shredded ?

    Do you mean Fred and RBS shindig/shenangans which cost and still costs everyone so much money, pain and grief ?

    Don’t get me started – football is just the tip of the iceberg.

  6. Angela says:

    hi dan
    I’m tired of waiting for the news from mta
    Any advice from you
    I hold or sell this week??
    Please help
    Ciao e grazie

    • joseph says:


      • 13thMonkey says:

        Angela, Joseph, I agree with both of you.

        Tired of waiting, but on balance holding.

        Matra- get on with it. Because obviously they read my comments with utmost attention.,

        • Angela says:

          Thanks both of you…….
          To Ultrapunch on iii don’t worry I always do my on research,I don’t buy share from bmd blog…..!!!!!!
          But I do like bmd

          Ciao Dan

  7. pye says:

    I’d never heard of this stupid slapper until this weekend. I stay clear of such BB tripe and red top press garbage. Its not really news of any interest unless you go for these gossip column magazine style trash.

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s not the people involved it’s the fact that super injunctions are being used to stifle freedom of speech. Take Trafigurer or Fred the shred for instance. Super injunctions are being used to hide eveidence of wrong-doing not only by celebritys but by politicans, leading bankers and financial institutions. It’s a principle here that is at stake. The first casualty of the ill-fated Afgani/Iraqi wars has been the truth hIdden behind super-injunctions!


  8. AC says:

    I was quite bored by yet another footballer affair, but the way you’ve written it makes it bored…er-line interesting!! Sad for the family none the less.

  9. alan mcwilliam says:

    Sadly, this sordid little affair and the attendant media circus is the most articulate statement that 21st century british society can make about itself.

  10. JB says:

    It must have cost him a fortune and all its done is made the matter 10 times worse and has dragged it out for much longer and continues to do so – see sense Giggsy and put and end to it while you still can – your wife must be lovin it!

  11. Biggleswick says:

    Yeah, sigh, Imogen Thomas stands to make millions (and probably get her own Kardashian-style tv spot) for umm, having sex, than most of us ever will for diligently doing our 9 to 5 jobs 5-7 days of the week (aka an honest living). Still, we could have it worse, we could be Harold Camping sitting on a huge loss since after his Rapture failed to materialise.