Osama bin Laden. NOT BURIED AT SEA! Body in USA?

Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency of the...

Osama back in the USA?

Just to keep you all abreast of developments on the death of Osama Bin Laden. Some very credible sources from our vast array of Global contacts are intimating that the body of Bin Laden was Not buried at sea. IT SEEMS OUR COUSINS ACROSS THE POND have flown the body of  Osama back to the USA for a detailed autopsy RUMOURED to be taking place at the  385 wooded acre Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia about 36 miles outside Washington, D.C.

So why would they do that? The whisper is that the Yanks are checking to see if he did have Diabetes or was wounded at Tora Bora all vital intelligence which should throw some light onto how close or not they came to killing him at Tora Bora! Well why would they hastily bury him at sea and announce it to the world? Misinformation the black arts of the CIA! Yes you get all the latest gossip here on the Blog! Obama has Osama on ice in the USA!



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  1. Nutter says:

    Lol, obama has osama on ice!

    No idea what to beleive, so easy for the goverment to hide the truth with the help of the media. I frankly don’t give a monkeys.

  2. Lepracauns says:

    I think you are being generous… He is alive and well in US custody. I doubt very much they would let one of the top intelligence targets get off so easily. No danger lone ranger.

    Can’t believe the mainstream media are buying these burial at sea thing.

  3. Paul says:

    jeeez………..fecks sake they shot him accept it. Another conspiracy theory for people to wet their pants again….

  4. stephen says:

    Seeing is beleiving, no photo of the body, is there in fact a body, with elections coming up in the USA I wonder if he is dead, in my mind the yanks need to prove his death to the world, their word is not good enough

  5. scroogemcduck says:

    I hope they cremate him so he cannot go upstairs and get his virgins as he doesn,t deserve to be buried as per islamic faith as he never kept to the koran when alive by killing thousands of innocent men women and children.
    rot in hell bin laden.

  6. tsubie says:

    I’m now regretting signing up for email alerts, I thought this was an investment blog..

    thanks for the conspiracy theories but there’s a thousand other sites for that garbage if I’m in the mood.. sorry to be grumpy, maybe it’s just me.

    Looking forward to your next analysis of a company.


  7. Can any one tell me, what is going on in Matra Petroleum, no news for a long time

  8. kennyb says:

    While we’re o/t…who’s the footballer that had the affair with Imogen Thomas?

  9. tee says:

    loving the osama updates, i know its not investment related but any new news keep it coming please Dan, cheers

  10. Proper Alex says:

    Loads of people where saying “justice has been done”, by killing OBL.
    I agree for what he has done he deserves death……however surely the straight out killing of his is just revenge……so “revenge has been done”.

    Justice would have been bringing him in for trial, proving his guilt, then killing him.

    Anyone agree?

    Also, did anyone cash in on the $25mill finders fee?