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  1. Oli says:

    Will you be wearing a red carnation? 🙂

  2. kyle says:

    Awesome, this is going to be like Assassin’s Creed…without the stabbing of course

  3. Luke says:

    Very clever idea to get people talking about your site! 🙂 That school will be built in no time, well… before Matra delivers anyhow.

  4. bill says:

    It the big fat wallet that will give yopu away Dan

  5. bill says:

    It the big fat wallet that will give yopu away Dan

  6. Oli says:

    Actually, I think you missed an opportunity Dan, maybe something to think of for next year. Get a number of black T-shirts printed up with big white letters saying “I am Brokerman Dan”, and like in V for Vendetta, you could have sent them out to fans from your webpage in advance and then on the day, a whole load of us would turn up wearing the t-shirts, and you could also be wearing one, but no one would know who the real Brokerman Dan was 🙂

  7. Anub says:

    Hey Dan,

    I want it and I am definitely coming. One problem I don’t slightest idea how you look? I will be wearing grey shirt.

    See ya

  8. Hi Dan
    I hope you can fix some more good news for tomorrow, maybe some sunshine with some rain offcource

  9. Katy_Blue says:

    Ahh Found you!! (albeit one person too later so no freebie). Actually you found me and my Iphone, thanks for that. Nice chatting to you and the company you told me to speak to? I did and love everything I heard so will be investing in them big time. Thanks again! You are the MAN! LOL

    Best regards

    • Brokerman says:

      Research them throughly first before investing. And only then if you are clear re’ their assets,fundamentals etc. Should you contemplate investing
      Never invest on any tip until you have researched it.
      Cheers Katy


      • Katy Blue says:

        No worries Dan, will be looking into it more thoroughly as always. Thanks for advise.
        All the best

  10. Stuart robson says:

    Good afternoon Daniel.
    Thanks for the coffee and the slice of chocolate cake. To everybody out there.
    What a top bloke Dan is. I listened to him grilling Cluff gold. His first question was “As an investor here tell me why I should stick with your company?”
    Then he kept saying to the them “let me just stop you there” while he dissected what they said. Then after all that he asked them why they hadn’t mentioned the political problems in Burkino faso during the 20 minute conflab?!! It was a classic.
    A clever man is Dan.

    Stuart Robson

  11. DixonofDock Green says:

    Ello! ello! ello!
    whats all this then? I was proceeding in a westerly direction reading my tweeter when i came acroos this BMD IS “HANDSOME” twwet from a witness at the scene of the crime. “I find this hard to believe” I shouted. As it is a well know fact regualarly reported by our great self styled North Korean leader Hub that Dan is a spotty tramp clasping a benefits giro! So these new internet rumours that Dan is actually a nice guy in the flesh should be taken wiv a pinch of salt!

    Dixon of Dock Green

  12. Surance. says:

    I saw you Daniel.
    Your description
    6ft ,crew cut hair.
    Well dressed wearing desigenr sunglasses,
    Gold watch, Blue sapphire diamond ring on your left pinky both ears pierced with gold sleepers. Very dapper pointed half-cut boots/shoes You were with also taking photographs from the cafe area above the conference. Spotted you later in deep conversation at the sefton stall. Light complexion and atheletic build. Now do I or do i not have you ?

  13. James & Hayley says:

    Hello Daniel we spotted you at the seminar yesterday but were too shy to come over. Like the suit, very smart

    James & Hayley

  14. magicman says:

    Hello Dan I spoke to you at the seminar yesterday. We had a great chinwag on Xcite. Thank you for your opinion.

  15. Hi Dan
    you are fantastic to bring good news, you have sent the good sunshine to Denmark
    anybody who have heard from Matra Petroleum

  16. julie says:

    Have you any update on Desire Petroleum?