100k to £1Million challenge update

Lot of investors asking for an update here as to the present profit or loss situation.

So here we go.

The 70,00 Cadogan Petroleum holding is going great guns. Bought at an average of 23.5p they currently stand at 53p. That’s a huge increase of approx’ 125% now showing a gross value of £36,100

The 225,000 San Leon holding was purchased at 36p. They currently stand at 39p a small increase of approx’ 8/9%. The gross value here is £86,750. They really need to begin moving over the next month or so. Good news will push them upwards.

So that’s a very decent combined profit of approx 25k with a couple of thousand still held in cash from the original 100k.

Looking good but San need to move on a wee bit quicker!





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No Responses

  1. Richard says:

    Hi Dan,

    I have some SLE myself at 34p ish but no Cadogan. I am following this with great interest.


    • Amit says:

      I’m in the same boat as Richard – no CAD but have SLE. Lets see what the future holds. Cheers

  2. Aberdeen.fm says:

    Den, here is a suggestion for you. Why not show yourself on one of trading boards? For example on BoS Fantasy Trader. 10k to start with and off you go =)
    I bet a lot of users would follow that portfolio should you make it available for public view…

  3. paul says:

    Hi dan whats your take on SLE potential with respect to future oil in irish waters. Are they a cert for licenses ??

  4. RICK says:

    What going on at MTA DAN? things are starting to brew there. Have you givr up on them now?

  5. She says:

    What going on at MTA DAN? things are starting to brew there. Have you givr up on them now?

  6. Rosalimacat says:

    Norseman gold
    Hi Dan .
    I am thinking of buying some as I think the price is getting very low.
    What is your view on this company.
    Thanks for your time.

  7. Ann Chance says:

    you didn’t answer my question about your hot tip, Baltic Oil. What do you think about it’s future and are you still as bullish about it
    many thanks

  8. dan not sure if you got my last post but any info on caza,edl,roxi, thanks as they seem to have gone very flat on the SP side so just wondering if you could tell me if the fundermetals on these 3 stocks have changed?

  9. Mt says:

    Like some others here I’m hoping sle comes through.
    Wondering if you’ve been watching trp at all – 7x return in the last 12months and now a positive rns. How much potential do you think this has (if any)?

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes i’ve been watching trp. They have gained some much needed experience on the drill front from last years disasters.
      Still a punt until they actually hit commercial oil.


  10. Andrew says:

    Hi Dan

    Are you still bullish on NGP, SXX and what do you think if AVN and XEL.