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Due to the rather annoying persistence of certain sections of the media contacting the blog,there are some important points I feel that need to be disclosed regarding my Identity. Which will remain anonymous even after the new site goes live however I am a realist,eventually parts of the identity will through the new site become apparent to some site subscribers this is due to how the site will operate and research stock/companys for the members. I do plan to take investors on fact-finding visits to investigate and source information exclusively for the new site and its members. Some of this research will entail foreign travel. Methods used will be conventional and unconventional in the search for good solid information.

Firstly I can assure you that I have had and continue to have very good working relationships with contacts in most of the National Press/Media, having helped and sourced confidential information/photographs/material on literally hundreds if not thousands of breaking news events over the years. Hard to believe? Some will scoff but that is the truth. The BMD identity is NOT known to the Press or the City as I am extremely conversant on media/city methods on sourcing information. I have also assisted and supplied investigative material for Aunty Beeb,ITV,Channel four,radio and television in general over the last 10 years. I have dual Nationality which helps me to travel the Globe when employed to do so on legitimate investigative research. So with this in mind Investors should realise that I know exactly how the Media/Press/City work. If the information is out there I can if pushed source it.As Chris Holden aka NinaLogan,LisaWhitwell,ChristianHolden etc from Clitheroe (see post;News on the way Plus a cautionary tale) now knows only to well.



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  1. Gordon Drew says:

    Wow some tabloid style goss. I won’t need newspapers anymore. Thanks BMD you’ve got me hooked. Put your glasses on smirksville. I said hooked!


  2. Seriously this is part of the fun with your site, no one knows who you are. Let’s keep it that way! Is there any previews of the new site coming?

  3. Starfish says:

    Can invisible Dan check out AMC, amur minerals please.

    • RunnerB says:

      I secound that! Been in AMC for nearly 18 mths now … how long can a fourth approval take???

  4. Bob says:

    Dan, this is more like a soap opera everyday… Didnt you used to post on stocks?

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s only a topic that has been introduced for some feed-back. It is relevant
      to the aims of the Blog and the new site. However I do take your point.


  5. A. C. says:

    Hi Dan, can’t resist a challenge. I think I managed to track you down, but I won’t divulge! You have to be very careful if you want to keep privacy of id on the web.

  6. stevie says:

    Dude , msg coming thru on bat line

  7. Amc buyer says:

    I third that. I emailed dan on AMC a week before it shot to 22p when it was idle at 5p. Unfortunately I didn’t get a reply and was hoping dan would be researching it, especially since the potential for mutibagger gains is so strong in the near term.

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes you did.
      Apologies for not picking up on it sometimes the email is just too much for one to handle. But i do recall placing an email I think it was yours in the further research tray. unfortunately it must of been pushed down the list on a flood of emails. I will have to get some more help when the new site goes live.
      Well done.


  8. JPcoming says:

    What is your new site called? I would like to continue getting some useful insight into some high potential companies!

  9. Pete says:

    I think you are a broker at Daniel Stewart brokerage. Hence the name used brokermandan.
    What’s all the fuss about and what difference does it make? People still need to make their own investment and trading decisions and this great blog flags up some very good companies.
    Readers must be very appreciative of all the research material and long may it continue!

  10. robert says:

    this just gets better/regards rob.

  11. robert says:

    great stuff Dan/

  12. To Matra Petroleum
    I hope that we in the coming week will hear about barrels / day

  13. robert says:

    dan my comments used to show up on your site but no longer do Help//

  14. robert says:

    dan, thanks for the reply ,but it is the same as it was when i first posted/any tips to put it right or can you do anything from your end . thanks if you can regards robert