Ben Jaglom Requests an interview.

The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster, ...

Ben your reply is being formulated.

Here’s an email recently received.  From yet another Journalist seeking an interview,

Interested in an interview? 

Ben Jaglom

to me

show details 3:38 PM (29 hours ago)

Dear Broker Man Daniel

I am writing an article on message boards and how they affect the small-cap sector and was wondering if you would be willing to have an interview either in person or over the phone? I know your writings on your blog have been of great interest to many on ii and ADVFN and I was hoping you would be interested in having a chat

Many thanks


Benjamin Jaglom
Growth Company Investor

Octavia House
50 Banner Street
Direct Line: 020-7250 ****
Switchboard: 020-7250 7010
Fax: 020-7250 7011

What do you the subscribers think the reply should be. YES or NO? ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION PLEASE!




**Update on the Interview. 23.April.2011**


We are agreeing to do the interview with certain clauses. Firstly anonymity must be maintained. Second we get to read the article when it’s published. Thirdly we publish it on our site in its entirety. Fourth the interview is conducted over the telephone; Fifth. It’s not person to person.



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No Responses

  1. brenwong says:

    Sounds a bit fishy, I would say NO

  2. ArtyMac says:


  3. Oil Stock Lover says:

    I would be sceptical of any journalist, especially one looking for a story of this type. I would avoid the personal thing, and go with an anonomous email type interview, where the interviewer asks the questions up front, and you can then formulate a response when you feel comfortable to answer the question, and allow a follow up set of questions. This way it stops the journalist drawing you into topics you don’t really want to be talking about, and allows for your words to be twisted less as there is a clear written record of what has been said.
    There’s also the obvious issue of the sudden influx of extra traffic to the site looking for tips.

  4. hopeful says:

    NO. Sounds like a set up to me. Up to you of course, but I get the feeling you like to be incognito.

    • Solidtrader says:

      Absolutely and an emphatic NO unless you are Vying to return to the fold of the establishment

  5. Angus says:

    If you have time in your busy schedule Dan, why not, you have nothing to hide? Your mission is clear, to us anyway and for which we are eternally grateful, but as there are many requests you can take your pick of journalists. There will be those with an agenda to discredit you I guess, tape the conversation and publish it so we can see how the article holds up. But as can be seen by your AF announcement you have a loyal following and much support….you might think of running for PM next! On second thoughts …….

    Vive la revolution

  6. Broke says:

    You seem to judge most situations pretty well. I’m confident you’ll do the same in this case. Keep up the good work Dan…

  7. MadJimble says:

    AVOID this kind of sting. Have nothing to do with him.

  8. Solidtrader says:

    Emphatic No. Or r u establishment now going back into the fold


  9. Rosalimacat says:


  10. Steve says:

    NO. Stay undercover dan.! Looks like an ambush.
    You are the new Banksy.

  11. Virtualis says:

    If they were proposing making a large donation to charity on blogs behalf, then and only then worth conciderin. Good luck dansky

  12. N says:


    The bulletin b0ards do affect the short term performance of small cap stocks and your postings do also have some effect which I believe you know accept. It is useful that this discussed openly and so I recommend that you do talk to the journalist provided that you can do so while retaining your privacy.


  13. ollie says:

    Nah dont do it Dan, their be after something,and they may twist your words,stay out of it for us please.

  14. Senora_c says:

    Definitely not I would say. But again it’s up to you. What’s in it for you?

  15. Gordon Jackson says:

    Hi Daniel

    A compliment for sure, but what can you say different on a one to one interview than what you could say over the phone, so don’t do the one to one interview, just remain anonymous.

  16. samsunday says:

    ABSOLUTE NO. You can not trust the media!

  17. A. C. says:

    Dan, do you sleep!??

  18. Nigel says:

    No, unless you’ve had a bad week and need an ego boost!

  19. Blue says:

    If you do this, what will happen with the next request, besides I smell a rat!

  20. Musclesza says:

    Bmd, from growth company investor so if contained to pi great. Be careful if it was mainstream. Not that it will be front pages but certainly the mm manipulation off the back of your posts was noticeable. Funny how your post could move a stock more than a strong and well written broker report.

    Personally I like the mystique of bmd. You could be a pimply teenager. Or the fundsmith. Keep the anonymity as nothing lasts forever.



  21. Paul Swift says:

    Life is about taking a few risks! Nothing ventured nothing gained!

  22. Vines says:

    Yes, you should interview on the phone to help genuine investors.

  23. Tony says:


  24. kennyb says:

    Nah….they’ll be trying to trick you into summat!
    Keep em dangling!

  25. Conal says:

    Would these people not benefit as much from an email asking a few questions with your response, ok it doesnt let you express your opinions the same way but it still provides an adequate way of gathering primary information for the writer.

    Best of luck Danboi!!!!

  26. Tonypan says:

    No. To use a quote, “Know your enemy”, while they know little or nothing about BMD the upper hand remains with BMD. V

  27. robert says:

    NO, dont do it dan/regards

  28. Paul Haynes says:

    leave well alone. Let them have one when the 1 mil challenge is complete.

  29. Paul Haynes says:

    Let them have an interview when the 1 mil challenge is complete.

  30. silveraw says:

    It will be a given that they already know what they want to print and for sure it would be negative thats what they get paid for. Good news they do not do….so NO to the request

  31. Mark says:

    If he really wants an interview with you then he will accept your terms which will be that he sends his questions in advance by email which will have to be the only way of communication since it provides the necessary anonymity that your blog requires in order to fulfil its purpose. Even if you are a public figure -albeit an online one- which at this time and age makes little if no difference, the service you provide relies entirely on the premise your surreptitious persona.

  32. Paul says:

    So you tell them that you research a stock, post that research, give a recommendation and post any other information you may come across which will assist the small investor with his potfolio.
    They print BMD a guy who buys a stock ramps it on a board then when he has got his 10 or 20% sells and leaves then numptys who follow him high and dry.
    I say maintain your anonymity it adds to the intrigue and you should never trust the press!!

  33. itsonlyme2 says:

    Never ever trust a reporter, their moto is “Never let the truth stand in the way of a good Story” Dan ask yourself this question what good will come out of it for you,
    My experiences with reporters is they twist and liar so as to make a story that is already predetermined before the interveiw
    Be Wary Dan

  34. Luckytone says:


  35. Lookinglass says:

    He’s possibly attempting to improve his own standing and put his name to your hard work. Avoid!

  36. Jawmaster says:

    Hi Dan,
    For me also, I would never give up my anonimity.
    I would certainly not trust the press.
    Talking to the press is giving up an amount of your credibility.
    On the other hand if you’re looking for publicity than that’s the thing (talking to the press) you should do, but i’m very sure that this will not be in your favor. People here are not gone trust you anymore.
    Anyway, it is up to us to do whatever we want with your advices.
    I personally read al your comments and appreciate your personal touch.
    Somethimes I follow your advices but not always.
    Conclusion for me: Keep up the good work and don’t talk to the press.
    Jawmaster, Belgium (sorry for my lousy english)

  37. Si says:

    Agreed, probably they will be saying that you profit from your posts that spike on your recommendations, and you sell into them, making yourself a tidy profit. Or ramping your shares that are doing poorly so you can get out. Maybe you do!

  38. Martina says:

    Don’t trust them dan the only winner is the journalist martin

  39. Nibor says:

    Dan, Not an answer nor a comment but a question! Is Growth Company Investor more than just a ramping periodical?
    Ben Jaglom:

    Growth Company Investor:

  40. Nibor says:

    Dan, Now a comment: I’d expect Growth Company Investor to take a speciasl interest in your proposed new web-site – it will be viewed by them as a new competitor.

  41. Distortion says:

    Maintain the air of mystery ;o)

  42. Gus says:

    If he checks out, why not ? won’t do you any harm if he quotes you impartially. Will also add to your growing profile in the media/internet.
    Regards & keep up the good work

  43. ashu says:

    Hey Dan,

    well the competitor is worried.. Don’t do it.


  44. do it Dan says:

    So long as you can maintain your anonomity then do it. No such thing thing as bad press Dan. Any way it’ll be good fun to read what they are up to.

  45. cityraider says:

    Hello Daniel it’s me City trader ive decided to post now as City Raider. In anticipation of the new site coming on stream. The press have been several attempts to track and trace you. My mate works at the Evening Standard. Your blog sometimes gets raised in there news conferences in the morning at least it did early this year i think Jan and mArch when you called the GKP rises that came a few days later. Do the interview insist on being invisible after all how can they trace you from a pay as u go mobile?

    City Raider. Cheers for the email on the deltec stock. etc

  46. Jacqueline says:

    tell him you are to busey for inteview either in person or phone ,but he can certainly ask again at a later date.

  47. MrNachos says:

    No, play it by your rules. You’re on the outside.

  48. sblu says:

    No, don’t do it….You say there will be an online shop, how cool would it be to see city bignobs walking round in BMD peak caps and Revolution BMD T shirts..all good fun!!

  49. mopus says:


    I can see no point to it – unless they are going to offer you an obscene amount of money for doing so. Never heard of the outfit anyway and they should know the answer to the question the are asking, rather than asking a 3rd party.

  50. mopus says:

    A further comment, from personal experience – my partner once had an interview with someone from The Spectator, who was terribly nice to his face and appeared to support his cause/crusade at that time. The write up in the magazine then went on to describe my partner as a nutter and was very much against his particular cause.

    I fear that no good will come of an interview of this nature. You could of course write your own article using your own words. Remember that your allegance is to yourself and your own lovely Blog.

  51. Wibble says:

    The answers clear really, no deal!

  52. matt says:

    IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT then yes and then send a third party on your behalf to keep your anominity.Topclass blog Dan!!

  53. itsonlyme2 says:

    I take back my earlier post, because this is not the gutter press seeking the interveiw, its Growth Company Investor, this interveiw may do the blog alot good and at the same time give a truthful clear picture on how message boards, and how they affect the small-cap sector, if at all.
    To protect your back I would go along with the thinking that the interveiw should be conducted by email, in an questions and answer formatt, that way you can control the interveiw and at the same time have a record of whats said,

  54. Mr M says:

    Do it Dan!
    What’s there to lose? It’s better that information is sourced from a credible individual – why not you?
    I expect you’ll be able to publish it on your site too?

    You’ve got the reporters number, you can call him and simply withhold your number to protect your anonymity.

    I work in an industry that’s not much liked by reporters and have been involved in situations where people have wanted interviews. I’ve given them, but if it’s a new reporter that I’m dealing with, I have let the reporter know in advance that:

    a) I am recording the call.
    b) I’ve also made them sign to say that I will receive a proof of the article in advance and that it cannot be published, nor will my name be accredited to any article without my say so.
    c) Put a financial consequence of non compliance on the above conditions – you won’t get misquoted!

    Having done such interviews, I now have very open relationships with several reporters, which has proven to be of real benefit to my company.

    • Off course it’s a nice bit of self publicicity and I’ll make sure we get to re-produce the article in full on our site. So it’s a win win situation.


  55. Richard says:

    It’s not so much how the interview goes but how they ‘spin’ it when they write it. What’s the ‘worth it’ factor for you? If it is not much, let it go.