Matra Petroleum. News from the Urals!

Gideon Tadmoor Ceo of Delek

Sunday 27th March 2011.

Before we start I must stress that this post is intended for genuine investors who hold Matra stock and not traders looking to make a quick buck on intraday rises. Any trader should take responsibility for their own actions, day-trading is fraught with danger hence the warning.DO NOT SEEK TO BLAME OTHERS IF YOU DAY-TRADE ON THE BACK OF AN ANONYMOUS BLOGGER! Regardless of how many times the Blog has been proven correct.

I’ve been pulling out all the stops over the last month or so trying to get some good information as to just what the hold-up here is on A13, A12 production news, after all the news is well overdue and some investors are beginning to lose faith. First off regardless of what you are currently reading or hearing on the Boards you can take it from me that Matra has been working their fingers to the bone. The head honchos are rumoured to have been in meetings all last week finalising the financials which will be released tomorrow that’s a 99% certainty.  Nothing earth shattering there just the company position re’ their fundamentals and the progress through 2010. Matra petroleum are aware of investor frustrations unfortunately the company will only release the company line and if you look at this logically then that bodes very well for investors as this proves that Matra play with a straight bat the Board of Matra are highly regarded within the industry for their integrity and honesty so you can take it as read that this article is self-sourced. When people invest in junior oilers what THEY are investing in is the competence of the management. Matra have that in spades and investors need to relax and let them work their magic, after all here’s an oil company with the oil, with the infrastructure, with the funds and with a production licence!Trading at penny’s when there’s oilers out there that haven’t got a drop with more dust than a crypt!Trading at crazy levels and whys that you may ask? Well it’s all down to PR AND PERCEPTION!

The whisper is that A13 is producing after or on clean-up. The rig for A13 has moved off and it is rumoured that limited oil sales from production may already have begun. Our source here is Russian, based in Ekaterinburg, the interpreter we used when contacting the Orenburg chamber of commerce who confirmed to us through her that there were no problems re’ the PL issue it was purely down to the Russian way; slow and bureaucratic. (The Production Licence was issued). There have been some delays reported on A12 we believe that this is down to weather conditions,minor tech’ difficulties and the crews working the rig who are basically slow! However there are NO problems on the side-track which as you all know has been completed.When Matra release the clean up news/production news is anybodys guess as the company are renowned for holding news back. There could be a snippet in the RNS this week but don’t hold your breath. But if you analyse the share-price over the last 3/4 months you’ll note that it has stabilised some-what; gone are the days of 1.4p the sp has consistently traded just under, at or over 4p for the last several months; then take the lead from the recent placing at 3p and in particular Delek’s Gideon Tadmoor (non-exec director on Matra) the CEO of Delek Energy. Delek’s involvement should be seen as a pointer as to where they see the company headed over the next year or two they have consistently backed Matra and ploughed more funds into the company. (This is why the MM’s are always marking the stock up. The feel-good factor being touted by their nomad). Tadmoor is a very wealthy individual and does not suffer fools gladly if he is in Matra then you can rest assured that they are going in the right direction this year. Production has been quoted at approx’ 1000 bopd but I see this as conservative and expect it to be in excess of this. It is generally accepted that Matra are sat on more oil than they are currently allowed to confirm and that they are actively seeking further assets. There is more oil here and that is the reason why Delek are on the Board. It’s easy when you know how to get the information!

Hold your stock and await the news!




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  1. unclebob31 says:


    You sent

    A1213 when its A13A12


  2. 13thMonkey says:

    Dan, you sent the wrong password- I guessed it but obviously many others didn’t!

    Thanks for the update nonetheless.



  3. Brett Butler says:

    Got the Email, Well The Password never worked for me, I tried a 100 and 1 combinations. seeing level 2 SELL SELL bit Time, I sold as was expecting really bad news.

    Poor show all round, and not that happy

  4. Andrew says:

    Password didnt work

  5. Richard says:

    Interesting blog. Unfortunately had to wait to read it as the password didn’t work.

  6. MikeST says:

    Thanks BMD, my password didn’t work either – help!

  7. MikeST says:

    Thanks BMD, sadly my password didn’t work either where as the test one yesterday worked fine, help!

  8. moons says:

    Hi Dan,unfortunatly too many have blabber mouths and want to spoil it for others,would appreciate if they could be filtered and not gain access,keep up the great work.

    • Brokerman says:

      Apologys to those whos password failed it was A13A12 THERE’S ABOUT 100 saying that A12A13 was received i’ll look into this through the autosave feature an edited version of the post is now online.

      The post doesn’t seem to of had any effect on the sp so it;s job well done.


  9. AMANDA says:

    Same here why diddn’t the password work, saw above Matra posting on LSE boards

  10. jason says:

    why make such a whohar about no news?
    as for the whole fiasco with the password,nothing stops the MM’s from signing up and gaining the password .


    • Brokerman says:

      The sp has spiked more times than I care to remember each spike as been precipitated by a post now it may be a coincidence or it may not. But it is causing genuine investors problems, complaints by the bucket load have been received. A password protected post for genuine subscribers may go some way to assisting the stability of investors investments. And it is good practice for the new site where ALL will have to be subscribed to gain access. We can then check ip locations and hopefully filter out most of the market chins who are ramping up stock on the back of Blog articles. It’s much better for a stock to rise based on good solid foundations backed up with solid performance which underpins the stock. Some matra holders have been cheated out of their investments when the stock was hammered online by the A12 A13 PROBLEMS LAST YEAR. If they had held now they would be 200% better off. It’s all about helping decent people realise their gains. The market is set against private investors in a big way always manipulating prices up and down depending on which way they feel they can make the most capital for their companys. Winterflood and the like are completely reprehensible when it comes to stock manipulation. I’ve seen it many times. Big laughs in the Oyster bar every lunch-time at the private investors expense.
      These so-called market professionals are totally corrupt. Liquidity? IT’S A ONE WAY STREET that always favours the MM. THAT’S GOING TO CHANGE HERE AND ON THE NEW SITE. WE SHALL HAVE THEIR PANTS DOWN!
      Chalk one up for the PI!


      • bren says:

        talking about manipulated spikes up and down, red hot.penny shares by bulford is the best exanple I can think of stock manipulation that normally shafts the pi if they blindly follow its advice. some stocks gap up 50% on a buy then tank.

  11. I hate mm's says:

    I rec’d A1312, but im sure this is just a teething probleem as the new system is setup

  12. Binky says:

    This post opened for me without even asking for a password. Plus I only registered quite recently – how do you know I’m not some CRAZED MARKET MAKER looking to make a quick €1 out of your rants?

    • barnstonpickle says:

      You must be special. LMAO. Or just a low down liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. bren says:

    spikes in sp are frustrating, makes investors want to day trade! I have a full time job, by the time the news comes I’ve missed the spike anyway as I got a full time job, no time for funny shenannigans lol

  14. Joseph says:

    I think the whole world knows that this lot are working out of porta cabins, employing cheap russian labour using no more than hand tools . Thats why the sp is less than 4p . Rekon you should organise a coach trip out to the site dan 🙂 i will take the pics for the blog . Ha ha

  15. Broken Man says:

    I never received any password, only the post as normal. Hope you get the system working soon. Keep up the good work Dan.

  16. Tom says:

    I see it was wrong password, no wonder it didn’t work. 🙁

  17. Hi Dan
    Have you heard about the Iron Ore and coal company Russian Anglo Minerals, it should be a British company going to list on AIM here in q1

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