Matra password problems solved.

I’ve traced the glitch that has occurred here. The release was timed for 8.17pm two passwords were sent out one going automatically to known city institutions( that are confirmed via their email and ip) this was a false password deliberately sent to give investors some breathing space while the genuine one was sent to private investors. Both were sent out at the same time it would appear that one batch of email/ ip’s was inadvertently placed with the known city email list. apology all round. Will do better next time. There are over 15,000 email subscribers in batches according to their ip one of these went into the wrong list.



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  1. SolaKing says:

    Hi Dan,
    I connect mostly from 2 locations, when I am at home, and the second from a mobile broadband and the IP given chnages each time I connect as it is issued by a DHCP server of the mobile broadband provider.
    How will your system treat if I am connecting from the second location?
    Cheers, SK.

  2. MARK RUTLEY says:

    1. Please update me with any new posts.
    2. Is there any news on Matra other than the RNS this morning.

  3. Mike says:

    Hi BMD, I take it as my e-mail address is that of a city institution that I received the false password? Yet I am a PI and do not work in a trading/market-making role and have no interest in passing any BMD blog information on. Appreciate what you are trying to do and not sure how you can get around it but I am sure there are a lot of PI’s working at city institutins in a non-trading/mm capacity. Cheers. Mike

  4. kevin says:

    everything is working ok from this end,
    keep up the good work.
    your a credit to any investor.

  5. Andrew says:

    That explains it then. I thought I was being retarded when entering the password. Panic over 😉

  6. chris says:

    hi dan, where to now ? do we use existing pw or do you start from scratch



    • Luke says:

      I’m sure it will be a different password everytime – it will be emailed following the post. All this good news and sp down! crazy

      • Andrew says:

        None of this was really news. Just reiteration of what’s been said in the past

  7. Steve Johnson says:

    Thanks for that Dan – I thought I was going mad for a short while.

  8. BB says:

    Does not help the people who received the wrong password, I do now not know what list I am on, so will I get the wrong password again next time?

    I might Add the Test Password worked, though was that right password for not being able to get the RNS?

    I am now more in the dark than before 🙂

  9. kennyb says:

    Sterling effort Dan..
    And do please keep pointing out you’re giving long term views..
    There are too many pricks that just want instant gratification who don’t deserve your views and pointers,the end decisions are always ours..

  10. Nibor says:

    Don’t worry, Dan. We all appreciate your effort.
    Cheers, Nibor

  11. Tony says:

    Morning Dan,
    We at special ops in Nam used to call that “dissinformation”

    Nice.. we like your style….
    1 Question…..
    who or what is the “AXE” you refered to in a previos post?
    Have a nice day 🙂

    • Brokerman says:

      The Ax is the term used for the lead Market Maker on any given stock. They organise and take the lead on the manipulation.


      • Dennis says:

        Hi Dan,

        Can you please give us an update on Encore. I think you’ve seen today RNS re Burgman. I think 80-120mb of oil is a good find? It’s been a long time since you posted the last report. Kindly update on Takeover Developments.

  12. Xharles theroux says:

    I was not asked to enter a password. I accessed the post through my android phone if that makes a difference?

  13. To Matra Petroleum
    Instead of old news as we allready know, flowrates, barrels/ day is enough

  14. FollowNev says:

    If I were an MM and wanted the info you send out to PI’s , I’d just set up an email account like .mac or gmail etc. And have it come straight to my phone.
    That way I could get the info and sc r ew everyone as before.
    TA for free

  15. Marcus says:

    Hi dan, I’m all a bit confused by this password thing, I received one and entered it and believed it to be the correct one? But have received another one but cannot enter it? So I presume the first one I entered was ok? As I don’t want to miss out on your info! Cheers marcus

  16. LT says:

    Dan with imminent production looming, why does Matra not attract further institutional investors?

  17. the proper Alex says:

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for the CAZA post the other week, although I initially bought at 10p, I also bought more before the dissapointing last result, so am in a small hole.
    I feel they are currently very cheap and have 2 drills in the “completion phase”. These drills were complete December time, I know patience is a virtue, but how long does this phase generally take?