Matra Petroleum Will be password protected.

You may or may not of noticed a few test posts popping up apologies to all for them. We here are constantly aware of certain entities making a pecuniary gain on the articles posted on the BMD Blog. So in order to try to get the latest Matra News out the post will be password protected. What this means is that if you are not subscribed to the email then you will not receive a password to access the news. However the post will go live 30 minutes after our subscribers have had time to digest the news.



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No Responses

  1. James says:

    That’s fine…I’m all for the city making no more money than it does already, but I don’t understand the logic. Why can’t they simply subscribe, in the same way I or any other private investor can?

    • Brokerman says:

      Their email subscriptions have all been deleted. Any new subscriptions are being monitored via their IP locations. It will not stop them from getting access to the post eventually but it will certainly delay them. They are always VERY busy Providing liquidity on many stocks which means that they can not focus on one stock TO THE DETRIMENT OF OTHERS. Plus any email or IP that has been deleted will automatically be screened by the new programme and given a false password. Don’t you just love all this Tech stuff!


    • Brokerman says:

      Well they can and I’m sure some have but that means that they will have to keep taking their eye off market business to log in and check private emails. A very dangerous practice when you are responsible for providing liquidity running into millions upon millions on many different stocks through-out a working day. Seconds make the difference to Market Makers it really is a thin line they tread.


      • AIMisexciting says:

        Very clever Dan!

        Struggled through the post-Christmas debt and looking forward to a bit of cash to invest as all the action appears to be hotting up!! Appreciate your efforts as always.

  2. Seraphimin says:

    Do we need to confirm our email address or anything Dan? I mean click on a link in any email you may send out? Just checking as am going to be away now until Sunday evening.. don’t want to miss anything!

  3. James789uk says:

    What’s to stop these people that make money from your updates subscribing to the mail list and getting the passwords as well…?


  4. Phil says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’m registered on your site but not getting the passwords sent to my email?



  5. Luke says:

    I guess you could filter out a few of the city emails but nothing to stop them signing up with free accounts

  6. michael says:

    Dan, Registered to your site, but as yet not received the password, can you resend or let me know when i will receive

  7. robert says:

    dan, good idea,lets hopr it works/regards

  8. Andrew Tuttle says:

    Dan, received the ‘test’ mail, and when I try to follow the links the pop up states ‘not found’ Should there be a link ?

  9. thethinkingturk says:

    hi dan

    I think I am registered with you keep the good work up!! I will I get my password??

  10. robert says:

    dan, my replies dont seem to get on to your site/

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s your IP Robert it is coming up as a false proxy.

      Distance to Nearby Cities
      Region Code Region

      km, mi, City, Region, Country
      City Code UKENLOND City London

      0 0 London, EN, UK 13 8 Wimbledon, EN, UK 14 8 Barking, EN, UK 14 8 Ilford, EN, UK 16 10 Enfield, EN, UK 16 10 Barnet, EN, UK 17 10 Bexley, EN, UK 19 11 Sutton, EN, UK 19 11 Harrow, EN, UK 20 12 Heston, EN, UK 23 14 Dartford, EN, UK 23 14 East Molesey, EN, UK 23 14 Hornchurch, EN, UK 24 15 Epsom, EN, UK 27 16 Oxshott, EN, UK 27 16 Watford, EN, UK 27 16 Ashford, EN, UK 28 17 Hatfield, EN, UK 28 17 Hoddesdon, EN, UK 29 18 Staines, EN, UK 31 19 Grays, EN, UK 31 19 Hertford, EN, UK 31 19 Saint Albans, EN, UK 32 20 Slough, EN, UK 32 20 Harlow, EN, UK 32 20 Brentwood, EN, UK 33 20 Welwyn Garden City, EN, UK 35 21 Gravesend, EN, UK 35 21 Virginia Water, EN, UK 36 22 Little Chalfont, EN, UK 36 22 Windsor, EN, UK 36 22 Dorking, EN, UK 37 23 Hemel Hempstead, EN, UK 38 23 Harpenden, EN, UK 39 24 Woking, EN, UK 39 24 Billericay, EN, UK 43 26 Basildon, EN, UK 43 26 Berkhamsted, EN, UK 44 27 Rochester, EN, UK 44 27 Maidenhead, EN, UK 46 28 Guildford, EN, UK 46 28 Crawley, EN, UK 46 28 Benfleet, EN, UK 46 28 Luton, EN, UK 47 29 Chelmsford, EN, UK 47 29 Marlow, EN, UK 47 29 High Wycombe, EN, UK 47 29 Bracknell, EN, UK 48 30 Chatham, EN, UK 48 30 Southborough, EN, UK 48 30 Camberley, EN, UK 48 30 Stansted, EN, UK 52 32 Letchworth, EN, UK 52 32 Maidstone, EN, UK 53 33 Horsham, EN, UK 53 33 Wokingham, EN, UK 55 34 Aldershot, EN, UK 57 35 Southend-on-Sea, EN, UK 58 36 Fleet, EN, UK 59 36 Farnham, EN, UK 60 37 Aylesbury, EN, UK
      CityId UKENLOND Certainty100%
      Latitude 51.5170 Longitude -0.1050
      Capital City London TimeZone GMT0 0-00
      Nationality Singular ? Population ********
      Nationality ?l proxy False

  11. Matt_Yorkshire says:

    That’s great!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  12. James says:

    Possibly. Although I’m sure Google does a redirect service i.e. email comes in then it can be redirected to another account (not 100% sure, as I’ve only ever redirected university email to gmail). But I suppose yes, it may throw a few grains of sand in the wheel. Still, its possible to set up an macro-automated mechanism whereby if your headlines say ‘buy’ it automatically flicks this across executing a trade…the city is always going to be faster than the investor. I guess your already away of the physics that goes into flash trading etc…the latency is close to the speed of light on some facilities. The only way you beat the market, is through investing long term.

    • Brokerman says:

      You can’t compete with flash but what you can do is make life as difficult as possible for certain types to access info on junior stocks that they occassionally get wrong-footed. Eventually if you can achieve this on a regular basis the liquidity providers give up and trade correctly allowing the market to dictate the rises and falls without the manipulation. It can be done now and then but as you rightly state they will always have the edge.


      • James says:

        Well I’m all for making it as difficult as possible. I think A. Turner got it right when he described certain parts of our financial architecture as socially useless – flash, seems to be a good case in point.

  13. Eileen Philp says:

    You are one clever cookie, keep up the good work.


  14. Berkshireknight says:

    Am registered on the blog dan but not receiving test messages

  15. Phil B says:

    I hope this does not mean it is bad news and we subscribers have 30 mins to sell our stock before the wider market becomes aware of it!!! Fingers crosed it is not that as i will be on hols when the markets open!

  16. The Matrix says:

    Dan I am guessing that if you have to password protect the news it could only be good news, I hope so as we all have been waiting long enough longer than I can remember – Keep up the good work.. Ta

  17. robert says:

    its ok now dan ,can get through/regards

  18. Christopher says:

    Hi Dan. I havnt received any passwords either.



  19. Rick says:

    Can you have a look at SQZ? looks a great buy and they are currently bidding for assets in Nambia….infact they were recently chosen over char

  20. hufc1908 says:

    Its been a long wait Dan and l read the bb all the time. Every time this site issues news, MATA sp jumps up. Im got my fingers crossed that we might get some good news, sooner, rather than later .. Abm

  21. I will also hope that it is god news we will receive, I will cross fingers

  22. silveraw says:

    “This post is password protected. You must visit the website and enter the password to continue reading.”

    Erm I see no password….confused so I am

  23. dans suter says:

    In Barbados and out at the beach and celebrating after the game – sorry not got my password yet – can’t wait for the news

  24. thanos says:

    cant see no password dan……. where is it?

  25. Angela says:

    No news no password no sp rising,is this a joke
    Well is not fanne……!!!!!

  26. Think I’m registered OK so look fwd to getting the mot de passe.
    Great blogs/share analyses.

  27. mark says:

    how do i register?

  28. ER says:

    Don’t mean to be unappreciative but no password received, I’m afraid. Or am I not looking in the right places?

  29. Rosalimacat says:

    No password??? Help.

  30. M lake says:

    Dan, I’m no longer recieving your email updates for your password. But have checked wordpress and am still a subscriber. Can you help? Thanks mike

  31. Seany Mungersdorf says:

    Hi Dan,
    Want to register but absolutely no idea how to!

  32. Helen says:

    Thanks Dan. The password worked fine. Here’s hoping we can all look forward to some long awaited good news from Matra!

  33. Mackle says:

    I subscribed this morning, I’m not sure if that means I was too late to receive the password :-/

    Oh well, good luck for all those invested in MTA, hopefully it will reach RKH and XEL prices and make everyone happy 🙂

  34. Tom says:

    No password. Please send me password.

  35. Dave says:

    Got the test emails but no password?

  36. Hello everyone
    I have just red the news No dividend, that is good news, better to use the money in the production, they have to earn money first before they can give some money in dividend

  37. adrian says:

    My password does not seem to work help?

  38. Ken Rose says:

    Sorry Dan, no joy with the MTA password you sent me. Tried everything, had to give up. Ken

  39. Sonola says:

    Dan, received the password for Matra news but when I enter it nothing happens. Have tried upper and lower case.

  40. Jawmaster says:

    Hello Dan,
    Yesterday, my test password was working very well
    Today however, my new emailed PW for viewing the Matra news failed
    What can I do?
    The Jawmaster

  41. Angus says:

    Sadly I also have to report the password did not work and merely returns to the ….’enter password’. I have read the rns from other sources and whatever the other news or views was the market has been singly unimpressed so far.