San Leon. Chomping at the BIT! Trolling Never Pays!


Christopher Holden formerly residing at Painters Wood Bury Greater Manchester.

As part of our investigation in to this mans online activities we have discovered that he has been operating online for many years using a myriad of fake,false screen-names and email address’ to abuse small private investors. We have over 100 confirmed fake identities. Due to the amount of responses from private investors we are now seeking to bring a CLASS ACTION AGAINST THIS INDIVIDUAL. IF YOU SUSPECT THAT YOU MAY HAVE BEEN ABUSED ONLINE OR BY EMAIL by this despicable character in financial chat forums on ADVFN, Interactive Investor, London South East. To name but three. Then please contact the site admin email  Your correspondence will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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No Responses

  1. pete says:

    Hi Dan
    I like the research you post up it’s very helpful. What’s you view on what PI’s should be doing with CAZA now they have plugged the latest well?
    Kind Regards

  2. TJ says:

    Yeah a caza update would be appreciated Dan. BIG dissapointment with the arran well. Do you think the 30% drop is overdone?

  3. shelly says:

    Dan have you give up on MTA. Rumour on some of the forums is you have given up the ghost and advise people to sell? It has made me think because you have been quiet on mta lately

    • Brokerman says:

      Absolute nonsense Shelly dear.
      You should stay well away from chat forums they are populated by nutters.
      Quietly confident on MTA just a wee bit pished at their lack of investor relations.


  4. ARS says:

    Hi Dan
    Thanks for the info had this on the radar for some time
    Been looking at Chariot oil and Gas what are your thoughts ?
    Many thanks

  5. barry says:

    MTA is a no go for you now then dan

  6. Biggleswick says:

    It’s sadly abundantly clear the blog is populated by readers who are indeed blindly jumping on the back of Dan’s free advice rather than making their own decisions (the nature of the responses always prove that here). It’s times like this I would be considering strongly whether it was either worth it in terms of causing trouble (or let’s say, unwanted attention) either out there or for myself, or to run the blog in some kind of subscriber only way, where people are more discerning. I think this place, great as it is, has become a melting pot of people looking to be spoon fed. Can only backfire imo. Only a matter of time.

    • 13thMonkey says:

      I agree that there are a lot of people seeing the blog as a Get Rich Quick scheme (because everyone knows how reliable those are), but what are your concerns about this in the grander scheme of things Biggles? Surely those who are using Dan as a supplement to our own research still benefit from his posts?

      As an aside, people who jump in blindly: be careful! No doubt people piled into Max, Leni and Roxi without any thought and will have been badly burnt (in the short term at least, down 30 to 50%) if they overexposed themselves.

      To the extent that I can penetrate his cloud of mystery, I’m pretty convinced that Dan is a genuine, intelligent and all round good bloke, but HE IS NOT INFALLIBLE (as I’m sure he’d agree). Jump in blindly on his tips and you take on considerable risk. These are *high risk* stocks that he blogs on after all.

      • barnstonpickle says:

        There’s no way round it i remember max when dan first posted on them they were 12p . they’re still up the guy always tells people to research the companys if people get burnt then thats there problem. can’t blame any forum or tipster events can and do change on all stocks just look at egypt and libya who’d of forecast that 6 weeks ago and japan?
        There’s only so much people can do to stop fools from rushing in each to their own.
        The new site will have to be subscription only and there has to be some kind of fee which should deter most from subscribing. A few hundred quid a year will keep it exclusive. I’ll gladly fork out as would most who have benefitted the sour-grapes brigade are day-traders after all they all can’t get out with a profit the MM’s will always profit from some of their trades Dans helped me tremedously made a packet on Haike encore npe xcite as a matter of fact and going great guns on Cadogan. 60 grand in the Santander account speaks volumes to me!


        • James says:

          you think subscription fees will keep the city out? are you out of your mind…they have a few bob or so I hear.

  7. citytrader says:

    I’d have to agree there with you Biggles there are those who jump in blindly its foolish as we know seasoned investors always research there’s a day trader element jumping on the band wagon inmy opinion. Dan will have to sort it out.
    Subscription only would be a good way but eventually the traders will get round it and just subscribe,

    City Trader

  8. BrianBrian2 says:

    San Leon………Looks like the MM crew have put the mockers on it Dan….. well in the blue in bought trades, but frozen to the spot on the monitor…. The whole bunch stink for pulling some of the dirty tricks they use to get their own pocket filled.
    regards BM

  9. aLEX says:

    Got battered on Caza, really dissapointed, overdone sell off but just hold them I hope they see 50p in a few months!!