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Yes as foretold the GKP rise has begun once again.

You’ll all recall the “Moans and Groans post” several days ago. There’s a snippet of it reposted below.

“Now you too can take some profit (if you haven’t already) but as sure as night follows day the GKP phoenix will rise again.

The news from the city is that there’s been some jiggery-pokery from every private investors arch-enemy. Market Makers have been walking the stock down for their ill-gotten gains the whisper is that it’s all but complete and is petering out. Eyes on for a rise.

The company are sat on Billions of barrels of oil and are now increasing the Shaikan bopd thus increasing revenue. And you can take it from me with a 75% interest in the Shaikan block coupled with oil sales into the local market that are only a taster of the riches to come it will not be long before these sales/potential begin to be reflected in the sp as to just how much revenue GKP and share-holders can expect from a company literally awash with Billions upon Billions of barrels of oil! There’s an awful lot happening at GKP and rumours are a plenty. Take some advice. Do not be fooled into selling! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this stock. It is a 24 Carat gold investment!

HOLD YOUR STOCK! There’s a big spike back up to 200p in the offing!!!

Lot of emails asking how I got this one right yet again.

Well it’s all down to research and common sense. Any company sat on WORLD CLASS OIL ASSETS regardless of where they are will ultimately rise. The RNS released on Friday Reported a significant initial oil flow on the Shaikan-2 Appraisal Well in a 44 meter interval (1,792m to 1,836m) in the Jurassic age formation. Substantial smoke and an oil flare  are visible from the Company’s office in Erbil some considerable distance from the Shaikan-2 location, indicating that a significant flow has been encountered and prompting the Company to issue an announcement. GKP are currently conducting a test, which is expected to continue for another 72 hours to obtain further results, i.e. flow rate, oil quality and similar information, which will be reported in the next announcement. Shaikan-2 is the first deep appraisal well to be drilled on the Shaikan structure. The well is drilling approximately nine kilometres to the south-east of the Shaikan-1 discovery well. The Company has a 75 percent working interest in the Shaikan block and is partnered with the MOL subsidiary, Kalegran Ltd., and Texas Keystone Inc. which have the remaining 20 and 5 percent working interests respectively. Todd Kozel commented: “This initial oil flow continues to confirm our belief in the world-class nature of the Shaikan discovery. We are eagerly anticipating more detailed results from the Shaikan-2 well test”.

Now Dear old Todd and his institutional holders know that GKP are sat on world-class assets. You don’t see any institutional sell off here.You wont see any sell off in the market other than from jittery private investors who are being manipulated out of 24 carat gold stock that should be trading at a minimum of £5, yes that’s five English pounds sterling. You can take it from this Blog that the Market chaps regularly read ALL the chatter online and use this as an adjunct to their strategy for the day/week. Talk on GKP over the last several weeks has been manipulated to such an extent that there are now hundreds if not thousands of private investors who are kicking themselves for selling at such low levels.  “Fools and their money are easily parted” needs to be remembered. Why sell a stock that has billions upon billions of barrels of oil? Madness!

Remember as a private investor you are up against the city and the market makers who will pull any trick to rob you out of a winning position. Research your investments.



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  1. Jonny says:

    “Fools and their money are easily parted” very true Dan, cheers for the post. Any idea why Leni went down after releasing a good RNS? I’m no expert but the RNS did seem good.
    Anyway cheers again Dan, have a good weekend.

  2. Bob says:

    Any concerns re the commentsabout eo duster ?

  3. Bob says:

    A my concerns onerous eo as a bmd fab re duster?

  4. Anton Gully says:

    I made a couple of hundred quid “day-trading” GKP a few months ago at 180 or so. So wet behind the ears back then.

    Pretty much zero free cash to take advantage of this but good luck to whoever else can!

  5. Justin says:

    Hi dan,

    So do you think it’s worth loading up on shares for this first thing Monday?

  6. Angus says:

    What else can any of us say but….Thanks

  7. k mk says:

    Just a word of warning: don’t buy Monday or Tuesday, or possibly even Wednesday.. As Dan said the MM are following the boards and they will definitly mark it up, as they always do after a ‘tip’ — ok you might take a very small risk ( that you might not get in at these levels—-) but as accurate as Dan’s blogs are in the longterm — there’ll be almost certainly more treeshakes and other fluctuations due to political manipulations and fears (= buying opportunities) over the next few month) GL DYOR

    • Brokerman says:

      Good post.

      Never forget that the City of London and beyond are tuned into every board/chat site discussing “Hot Stocks”. They use them as sounding boards to gauge Private Investor sentiment.


  8. mickydare says:

    thanks for such a well worded and encouraging letter , all the best and keep the faith , mick

  9. Hub says:

    i suggest getting into USOP quite soon.
    BILLION DOLLAR UPSIDE about to start.