Rock Solid Images/Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping. Warning!!!!!Stay well away!!

RAOK Suggestion #5 Do a magic trick

Market Maker. Tricks a plenty!

As ever your favourite financial Blog keeps looking out for the small Private Investor.

Stay well away from Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping/Rock Solid Images. Which is currently showing an 8.86% increase. This is a false increase deliberately manufactured to lure in private investors. Yes there’s an awful lot of stock held by the Ax and they are trying to lure in the gullible! Got wind of it yesterday and confirmed it this morning. The ordinary Trade is in fact an MM instigated trade ruse.


Stay well away!!!!!





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No Responses

  1. charles says:

    Jesus h dANNY
    I was just about to have a small punt on them!
    was about 10 mins away from placin a trade!
    got a cup of tea sat down checked the email read your blog and thank christ i did was gunna sink 2grand in em!!

  2. London says:

    You are becoming a thorn in the side.
    You are breaching Market etiquette. Positions held by the Axe are confidential.
    You have been reported.

    Market Maker

  3. bren says:

    did u manage to add my email at all dan? thanks. helpful post.

  4. Hello Dan,

    Have you ever provided followers with an article on the crafty ways of the MM mother effers? If so, please could you repost it. If not, please could you consider it as a topic for a future article as it would definitely be helpful to the novice investors, such as myself, who often hears of these mysterious puppeteers influencing share value to their advantage.

  5. Thadeus says:

    Thanks dan
    Many sharks in the bowl at the moment feeding on private investors ,my hart goes out to the people in Japan and also the brave people in the MENA who are fighting for freedom and democracy, many private investors hit hard by the market downturn but hold steady it will be back

  6. I hate mm's says:

    Thanks BMD, its fine for the MM’s to legally rob us but its not ok for you to expose them !!!


    a very greateful PI community

  7. Angela says:

    Grazie Dan sei fantastico………..

    Mta seems to hold up well today …..


  8. bren says:

    hi dan, bizaarely i never received the your email, could you resend it please please? sorry to be annoying….can’t get to the bottom of this….tried changing my email filters and everthing…

  9. Andy says:

    bren, change your email 😀

  10. Albela says:

    Hi Dan,

    I did not get any email. I am getting your notifications whenever you update your blog but I am not sure what particular email you are talking about ?


  11. peaches says:

    Thanks Dan, your information is invaluable. Can`t really see why the mm`s are getting their pants in a knot. After all they spend day in day out ripping us off and manipulating the markets to their own gain.

  12. arif Saeed says:

    Hey Dan,
    I keep reading about MMs and their attempts to manipulate the markets, Any chance you could provide more details on who MMs are and how and why they try to manipulate prices.

    What i dont understand is if a MM artificially reduces the price of a stock to dupe investors to sell their stake, are they not also offering potenital investors the opportunity to buy into the stock cheaply. and Vice Versa.

    A new investor