£100k to £1 million challenge! Update!

Ares I-X ignitation

San Leon Ignition needed!

Lot of requests for an update on the 100k to £1 million challenge!

The initial trades where

225,000 San Leon purchased @ 36p per share total cost £81,406

70,00      Cadogan purchased @ 23.50p per share total cost £16,450

Total cost £97,856

The current value for San Leon £87,750 @’39p

The current value for Cadogan  £31,500 @45p

Total present value    £119,250

That equates to an increase of approx’ 2% on the initial £9,856.

So an excellent performance from Cadogan where I now see bigger gains to at least 50p possibly 55p over the coming news time-line. San Leon, although they did hit 41p and we are trading approx’ £6,000 in profit, hasn’t exploded upwards as of yet.  Positive news should be released which may light San’s blue touch-paper. Big hopes for San Leon!

So all in all the challenge is very much ongoing. I do have other plays to invest in but will await the next round of news from both investments before deciding the next few steps of the strategy!



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No Responses

  1. John Hutchinson says:

    Hi Dan,
    I am surprised you don’t have any money in RRL or MTA

  2. Tiddly Investor says:

    I think RRL will hit the 30p mark by the end of April and hopefully MTA will hit 6p by the same time and I will be a happy bunny 🙂

  3. Apur32 says:

    OEX will explode soon. Going upward since you mentioned last time. Good Luck to all those who are aboard.

    Dan! Good Luck with the challenge £100k to £1 million.

    As always great information and thank you for researching stocks for all of us!!
    Great effort.


  4. joseph says:

    the mta hell just goes on and on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tornado says:

    Dan when do you expect news from SLE?


  6. OILBUG says:


    Interesting article out regarding Rockhopper Exploration http://www.theaimboy.info for your Falkland upcoming blog or maybe million pound challenge.

    I know your general view is poor re falkland investments like Desire however RKH price is crazy based on existing cash/discovery.

    By the way can you continue to keep many of us informed on RKH apprasial well please, as many people have emailed me about it. I know you have contacts in this direction

    Hopefully with 80% cos it will be ok, only 2.3km from first well within Sea Lion Discovery this time, love to hear rumours around the city before hand as normal re RKH !

    • OILBUG says:

      ps when i mean first well thats Sea Lion first discovery 14/10-2 not to be confused with last high risk, poorly thought out failed exploration well.

  7. Rick says:

    You are totally wrong on the MTA dates so far for A12 &A13 results. I do follow you but many other are begining to make me question if you are correct or not on your city contacts. I have read many posts over the weekend that mention your lack of knowledge/detail on the so called patch reefs on the soko field, which will drive the future value.

    If you could clear these details up, we would be very comfortable with MTA and the blog. Cheers

  8. Chris says:

    Hi Dan Great Blog/site. Good start to the challange, amazing if you can do it Good Luck,

  9. Christian F says:

    Dan, you still in LGO? Presenting at Oilbarrel next Thursday, 17th March and at Master Investor on 16th April.

  10. Angela says:

    Dear Daniel,no news from Matra,in your last post you said imminent!!!!!!

    • shelly says:

      He must be guessing on all of it?!

      • tom says:


        Matra have risen over 300% since the first blog on them.
        PL sorted he guessed right on that
        A13 sorted he guessed right on that
        Production testing he guessed right on that
        NH in Russia he guessed right on that
        Told peeps to hold from 1.54p he guessed right on that
        Too many guess’s for my liking!I wish I could guess like that I’d be a Billionaire!!!


    • Brokerman says:

      I know it’s a pain. But until they decide they have pulled all the threads together then it’s a game of patience. There is a whisper that the Op update may delayed due to a market sensitive position.


      • Lt says:

        Dan what on earth does that mean? Maybe delayed due to a market sensitive position??

        • Barnstonpickle says:

          What do you think it could be dan?
          I’ve a feeling that MTA are with holding info on a12 i reckon that there’s another placing gunna be announced with the productoin news on a12. Just a sneaky feelin.