BrokermanDaniel versus Smallcapnews!!

I have spoken to smallcap news and they have now removed their article.

So in the interests of fairplay I will do like wise.

Our moderator did remove it yesterday but unfortunately smallcapnews failed to completely remove theirs. So the moderator (bless her) reinstated it.

However I have drawn a line under it for the sake of online harmony!




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No Responses

  1. david davidson says:

    In all honesty you’ve made a good few tips the past few months I’ve been watching your blog. Your a bit of a ramper with regard to a few but you get some right on the nose. It’s all down to the individual but I will not be taking you off my RSS list. Whoever you’re bitching about can foad cause I’ve forgotten who they even were.

  2. Alan says:

    Daniel, you have overstepped IMHO. Calling them Smallcrap you are yourself being childish. I have said before you should keep to original content. Play fair, cut and paste is just too easy when someone else has put the hard work in in putting something together. No problem to put a link instead, with your own summary of its content. Think you are getting just a little bit too big for your boots sometimes and should accept other people’s opinions when it is their verse you are posting. It is amazing how your followers, myself included are swinging shareprices, usually a prod to the direction they should have attained, so probably a good thing, but please, I agree, original content welcomed most of all, or it can get monotonous. I already subscribe to Smallcap News in Google Reader.

  3. Mark A says:

    Sorry Dan as much as i am a supporter of free speech and this blog you have got it wrong this time. Running a website and putting time and money into content is the owners right to not see it plagiarized, as much as i appreciate your mail shots if another blog was setup and your content copied i think you would also feel the same.

    If i remember rightly your original intention for this blog was to turn it into a money generating stream with an online share platform which just confirms that exact point on money and copyrighting others material. I do not understand why we cannot work with these other websites and give each other linkscredit where due instead of keep drawing lines in the sand and upsetting all and sundry. Time to think outside of the box…..

    There is no doubt that this blog benefits many including myself and would be a shame to see it disappear.

    • Brokerman says:

      No Mark you are completely wrong. Please check the posts re the upcoming new BMD website. The proposition is for it to be completely non profitable.


  4. Mr Bubbles says:

    I am inclined to agree that your roundups are mostly cut and paste and regardless of copyright it is cheeky not to at least acknowledge and link to the original sources. It would appear much more sporting to write some original copy perhaps including some short quotes from your source sites (with hyperlinks) therefore mixing opinion with external quotes. Anyone can cut and paste with little topic knowledge.

    You were happy reading and redistributing copy from smallcap but as soon as they take issue with you, you turn on them with childish name calling.

    I like many readers follow you as part of extensive research from many sources but lately you appear to be outgrowing your size 9s a little. Opinion and industry knowledge appears to have been with cut and paste whilst passing material off as your own (simply rewording copy and acknowledging sources would help here)

    Please continue your ‘work’ but remember many of us hardworking researching PIs will have read the copy you are reposting and therefore your credibility is suffering lately, just as it doea when you selectively ‘archive’ historic postings that mention companies you called but later did not perform whilst leaving in situ those predictions which came good. If you were intent on saving space or tidying up then both types of article would be archived. It is not good form really and this is why my twitter postings reveal both my good trades and inveatments with my loss making ones and the calls I made either way but didn’t manage to trade.

    Please keep up the good work but don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    Mr Bubbles

    • Brokerman says:

      Well I have to disagree with you on all points.
      The Blog is seeking to keep investors informed. Many of these sites make a fortune and if you check the posts they are always credited. The posts from small cap are always entitled Smallcap News or round-up that in itself is an acknowledgement as is the sharecast. Some times speed of posting precludes setting up a link however it is a Blog and as such is free to all and any news I think is worth posting where-ever it comes from will continue to be posted. Informed news from any source is freely distributed on here. Small cap are not the holders of any Financial copyright re’ the rns news they post.


      • sara says:

        Disagree. I think smallcap news is a con its run by Aquilla Finance and Aquilla are there only to fleece investors. I agree we should boycott any site that aquilla run on the smallcap site they keep it quiet that its a big corporation that own it and try to kid users into clicking the ads. The info they post is ripped off from other sites and newspapers they’re full of Bullacca!
        They are obviously only online to line their pockets

  5. Carl says:

    Don’t lower yourself to their level by name calling. Your better than that. I read you Blog everyday and feel you do a great job. I also take my hat off to what you are doing for the ‘Help4Heros’, and private investors like myself. Keep up the GREAT work, POWER TO THE PEOPLE !!

  6. Holysmoke says:

    well done dan it’s a free country keep up the greart work.
    Smallcap you shud be ashamed of yaselves i’m boycotting their site from now on and urge others to do the same.

  7. Barnstonpickle says:

    God almighty is it any wonder why the markets are so bent? The SCN are having a dig at the BMD site. Big deal! Hand-bags a go go.
    Smallcapnews pack it in please the info you post is taken directly from the London stock exchange news wire or the nationalpress you don’t post any links to them? I visit both sites and Dan does credit SCN and sharecast news and he even puts links in. So i’d say you are being dishonestSCN.


  8. Alpha subscriber says:

    Hey whats my comment doing on a post? Fame at last.

    Grow up Small Capital News! I for one will now boycott the site. Extremely petty ,pedants. One has to laugh about the statement which contained material from here. Isn’t that a breach of copyright in it self?

  9. Tom says:

    Hi Dan
    You are doing a great job. Please keep it up. 🙂


  10. Elena says:

    Sour grapes.
    I’m sorry to say Dan.
    The success of this Blog will always attract other financial sites seeking to undermine the good work.
    It is all about internet traffic. The more success your blog has the more the big boys will line at and take pot shots.

  11. Nibor says:

    “…you selectively ‘archive’ historic postings that mention companies you called but later did not perform whilst leaving in situ those predictions which came good. If you were intent on saving space or tidying up then both types of article would be archived. ..”
    I disagree with Mr Bubbles’ comment (above ): I, for one, am very grateful for your updates. A recent good example would be your re-evaluation of NTOG (in which you summarise your previous views in any case). Removal of out of date and therefore redundant material in such cases can only be beneficial to your readers.
    Please continue to follow your present way of working!

  12. ian says:

    we like the BMD site – keep up the good work

  13. ian says:

    How do I find the old GBP Global Petroleum report in the archive?
    Anymore SOLG news?

  14. ian says:

    Be good to have a better search of material on the site. Do like however.

    Anymore updates due on SLE. price holding up well


  15. Chicagoguy says:

    Fancy going on the attack of a frigging wordpress blog. Shame on small cap. Yeah and why so? As danno says its al about dollars! BOYCOTT NEEDED dan post a boycott call


  16. Dixon of Dock Green says:

    “Allo” “Allo!” Allo! what’s all this then?
    small carp news. It’s all carp
    Im cancelling me subs to small carp, after a few quid are they? Cheeky bleeders. There’s nowt as queer as folk it’s all about the filthy lucre.
    typical money grabbing bustards.

  17. Spidymonkey says:

    Hi Dan,

    You will be happy to know that Google now penalise for copied content.


  18. paul says:

    Daniel, your the only site with any Integrity, carry on as you are and dont let the small minded people influence the way you work. In some respects all this nonesense clearly shows just how good you are. Rise above it all. You have our support.