Caza Oilex & Cadogan. Eyes on.

Gone Fishin' (Flipper album)

Gone Fishing today!

I’m away tomorrow on a course so I’ve written this up for a 10am release.

This is a big month for the above 3 companies so keep your eyes on and your watch-list alerts active. Caza look set to rise as expectation begins to kick in. Oilex are similarly chomping at the bit and trending up as the march Drill creeps ever closer. 76H. The revised oil sales contract is further good news and another pointer as to how the Indian Government sees Cambay.

Cadogan are coming on the Radar more and more as each week passes. There’s more back-ground chatter the heady days of 200P+ make the current low sp very appealing a great recovery is in progress here.

All three company sp’s will increase as time passes they are all since we high-lighted them up and trending up as foretold!

Good Luck



NB Back Tuesday. Tomorrow.

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  1. Roadrunner says:

    Thanks Dan,

    Roxi should be getting very close to TD this week and SP is creeping up, any comments?


  2. stevie says:

    Dan , rocky defo have something, extensive wireline work , you’ll already know 4th core v good… the NS wireline running today so very dubious about the hush hush rumours of 300-500mill find, time’l tell……its now in pub domain about Sterling going for Cladhan as I mentioned few weeks back, cheers
    Paul now news is out you’ll understand why I said buy RRL eh , stalker

  3. bobbyshafto says:

    most seem unable to grasp the significant opportunity of CADOGAN ( CAD ) at this price. Just because they have risen from 25p to 35p people are thinking it’s time to take profits without thinking why they won’t be going back down. I’m sure housebroker Matrix will shortly advertise the enormous anomaly we have in front of us.

  4. mrnab says:

    Great work as usual Dan. Will definitely keep a watch on these!

    Any updates and thoughts on previous alerts such as Petrolatina and Solomon Gold?

  5. Jo says:

    Morning Daniel,
    I’m glad to see your mission from 100k to a million is off to such a great start, have you looked at eog Europe Oil and Gas?

    They are expecting an rns as of today re flow/recovery rates, this rns was released yesterday.

    Current Market cap 45.85 Million, 113 million shares in issue and a broker target of 521.9p. Current sp 41p

    Finncap recently produced a Research Note saying that the EOG current NAV is 87p/share (current sp still only 32.50/33.25, mkt cap 37.5m compared to 399.8m for AUL) and have up to 5 wells being drilled in 2011 with two of them being potential “COMPANY MAKERS” and a price target of 521.9 p/share