Caza Oil & Gas. Will the sp double?

20 px

Interstate Oil play!

Yes it’s make or break time for holders of Caza oil and gas!

The next 30 days could see a doubling of the current SP . Yes that’s a 100% increase from where they currently trade. So thinks this Blog after mucho research from within the city, that’s why we are urging investors to watch list CAZA OIL & GAS!

With a whole raft of drills ongoing the sp is beginning to trend up on expectation as Cazas’ Board get ready to announce results from more drills than I care to mention ; The Texas Windham Prospects, 158#1. 158#2. 162#1( Caza has a 25% working interest in these 3 wells)

The Arran prospect Marian Baker#1 drill in Louisiana which I hear is going very well and ahead of schedule! Caza has a net revenue interest of 26.24%.

Targeting EXPECTED multiple potential, hydrocarbon bearing reservoir sections” IE; It’s a company maker!

Haakon Property/Thisco #3 Well, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. 22% Interest. (On production)

OB Ranch #1 well Wharton Texas producing both gas+ oil! Caza have a 45% interest (On Production). Hite Offset Prospect Matthys-McMillan Gas Unit #2 Well, Texas 19.61% interest (On Production)

Get researching these Caza have already hit 67p and have traded back on this due to a decrease in production revenues which are now thought to be increasing coupled with the recent £19 million placing at 42p Caza are now in a very strong position for growth. The 6 month chart is showing an upward trend. Caza are chomping at the bit as their drills enter the home straight. There’s a Big rise here on the cards! Up to 100p. target 30 days!




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  1. Kev says:

    What do you know about Emerald Knight-Global Forestry are they a save investment?

  2. Thadeus says:

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks your investment commentary your research is very much so appreciated, I hope your 100.000 to a million challenge is a monumental success

  3. OILBUG says:

    caza one of my favourate however limited shares in issue for large purchases (i mean large)

  4. alex says:

    any thoughts on bowleven? thanks

  5. Luther says:

    Hi Daniel,
    thanks for the tip on caza, i completely forgot about the investment prospects within caza, been looking at it for a a month now, but always been in 2 minds about it… finally i havew invested in 2k shares, will see how that pans out and will top up if i can beat the 54p mark which i bought at .
    by the way what are your thoughts on range resources….This is also one i have been looking to invest in..

    made some bad decisions on not buying cadagon, looks like i have missed out on that one…

    keep up the good work mate..


  6. mike mather says:

    Any thoughts on Polish Company “Petrolinvest” ? Worth a punt ?