Caza Oil & Gas. Just hold!

Hold Everything!

Hold your stock. They will break out!

The email tray is quickly filling up re’ Caza.

If you are a Caza Holder then just hold your stock. The sp will rise on expectation as the drill results come closer to fruition. It is nailed on that this stock will rise!

You’ve got less than 30 days. The clock is ticking Invest for the right reasons after you have researched. Day-trading is for monkies! Caza are well under-value given their present assets and drilling  prospects coupled with their improving cash position and increasing revenues. News will begin to leak soon enough. They will break-out. Watch.

100p is generally accepted as a realistic target as Caza reach drilling news/results.

Expect a Break-out.



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No Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Dan you must be making a fortune. Every time you mention a stock positively it goes up……

  2. TJ says:

    Good posts today Dan.

    Ive been in this for a while and was wondering why you hadn’t mentioned it before !! It seems almost certain to rise with excellent risk vs reward at the current sp.


  3. B1GGZ says:


    Any chance you could help boost up HER, DPL, RRL and MATRA.
    In particular MTA which has started to drift again, and seems investors are selling out again. Im still holding onto it and awating results on the well, hoping it hits 8/9p very soon.


  4. Jon says:

    I wondered if you’d one day mention Caza, i’ve been holding them for a while. Dan could you message me your email address please? I have an insight i’d like to offer. Regards, Jon.

  5. Stu says:

    Hi Dan

    It looks positive, good atricle!

    Any update on OEX? Havent heard you mention them for a while? looking forward to your reply!