Victoria Oil & Gas. Fireworks Update.

Fireworks exploding

Fireworks about to start here?

For those of you who follow this site you’ll all recall Daniel’s posts on Victoria some time back in May of this year. There is a link to one of them below.

Victoria Oil and Gas. HORIZON.

And as promised back then the fourth quarter update from the Blog is here.

The last time we posted on this company we were telling the Blogites that great things were on the cards for Victoria come the end of the year. Well things are now beginning to hot up VOG’s sp has risen by over 70%(as predicted by the blog.) For all those who have held through thick and thin well done.

But to be honest here I can’t for the life of me reason why this company’s sp is not in double figures. 2010 Has  in the words of VOG’s topman been a “truly transformational year” just reading through the company’s  final results for year-end may 2010 reveals that VOG are the only major player in Cameroon with access to the national energy market. They have already signed major industrial contracts for gas supply and have made very significant progress in positioning their company as the first choice for local and national gas supply through-out Cameroon. The exceptional progress being made by VOG on two of their production wells has already culminated in “key gas sales contracts” being hammered out. There’s been “a five fold increase in Proved reserves to 49 Bcf, while Proved and Probable reserves more than doubled to 212 Bcf.” and these increases represent approx’ 10/20% of their license block with a further 80/90% of their acreage as of yet undrilled! The prospective reserves upgrade now quotes a figure in excess of a trillion cubic feet! A truly mouth-watering figure.

The VOG management team have worked this company to the point where VOG are trusted and respected by their markets. Take for instance VOG’s deferred purchase of their treatment plant for 2 years! Yes that means VOG can sell gas for two years without having to pay upfront for the facility! A master stroke of management! It doesn’t get any better until you realise that VOG own and control the pipeline supplying their gas.

But wait there’s more!! Have you noticed that VOG’s sp has been slowly kicking up over the last month or so? Well obviously you have. This is because the final piece of the VOG story is about to unfold.

Victoria have an asset known as “THE WEST MED” in Russia,It lies just west of the super giant Medvezhye field where over 70 Tcf of dry gas has been produced.

Independent reserve auditors DeGolyer and MacNaughton have calculated best estimate gross prospective recoverable resources of approximately 1.1 billion barrels for the entire West Med Licence block. Yes that’s a possible potential 1.1 Billion barrel equivalent of resources! VOG also have several other prospects in Mali,Ethiopia and one pending in Liberia

So why is VOG’s sp still at a miserable 5p? Well its gas. Gas just doesn’t get the coverage that oil does. That is until it is brought on-stream!

One thing is for certain VOG’s sp will not be at this ridiculous level for much longer. Victoria Oil and gas are about to announce their Logbaba is On Stream they will rocket over the coming months.  “A 60/70p price target could very well be on the conservative side over the next several months it all depends on the company news-flow”  Yes it’s just a whisper but it is a whisper based on FACT.

Victoria are a well managed, well financed, well placed exploration company currently trading at 5p. This is in my opinion going in to double figures on Logbaba news. A 25p target in the short term looks likely here.

Research this stock and get it on your watch-list there’s going to be fireworks here!

A big spike is coming here!




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  1. SolaKing says:


    We are spoilt for choice in the AIM market at the moment. Quite some few stocks with with short/medium term multi-bagging potential that are very real.
    I have a good problem, making my choice from the juicy lots as a result of limited fund.

    A naughty question, is there any way we could get this good stocks to line up the news flow with a time lag between them so that I can “flirt” (for want of word) my money from one to other in a sequence? Get low on one, get out close to peak, and move it to the next one on low and get out near peak in the order? I wish I could see the Genie of the Magic Lamp. Help!!!

    Welldone Dan the man.

    Cheers, SK.

    • 13thMonkey says:

      hehehe SK, haven’t you just described every investor’s dream..?

      Very much in the same position, and in reality already a bit over-exposed because of the temptation of all these interesting investments.

  2. Doug says:

    I agree, VOG had a terrible run of bad luck up to this year. – I think it’s all about to change for them. I suspect the reason that they are not in double figures is purely down to a lack of confidence. Some people really took a hit with VOG a couple of years ago when it plummeted from over £2! – I bought in a few weeks ago at about 4p – I think they were and are still an absolute bargin…


  3. Joseph says:

    Been in vog for ages it will come good . By the way have a good look at RRR gold production confirmed end of the month . Not a ramp just sharing the knowledge dan !

  4. Davie says:

    Hi Dan,

    Any further news on Petroceltic in your pipeline you could share, bought in months agao and it seems to have died. But still like the share and just want any info you can give.

    Cheers and keep your good work up.

    Thanking you, may the revoloution continue

  5. Eric says:

    Its not going as planed yet

    You may understand what I am pointing to

  6. John Whittle says:

    Dan you need to cast your eye over EOG – could be the next big thing!!!!!!!

    Europa Oil and Gas is very undervalued and their ongoing Romanian drill (now in “tight hole” status) if successful will see a major re rating of the share price!!!!! and that is just a tiny part of them as the bigger and juicier prospects are in the coming work plan.

  7. N says:

    Dan – did you write this? I detected a third person references and the use of the word ‘we’ in your recent blogs. Is this you or do you have ghost writers?


  8. Debbie Dates says:

    I’ve been in VOG for over 3 years now and held all the way down from 29p so looks like still a long wait just to break even. Yes I know I should have topped up at 4p but unfortunately funds just didn’t allow it as all my investments have bombed over the last 3 years

  9. lee says:

    hi dan
    as i am new this please could explain why encoure oil was go go go ! and now nothing

    • Brokerman says:

      You have to wait for the company to progress on their assets. Takeovers or asset sales do not happen overnight rather it is a gradual step by step progression as the company evole and derisk their assets by quantifying and improving upon their known position.


  10. Jim Quinn says:

    Have you read today’s Guardian/Business re discussions about possible takeover of Premier by KNOC?
    What are possible implications for Encore/Nautical?