Xcite Energy AS FORETOLD 200P!

I'll Tell You What Man...

Brokerman strikes again!

Well here we go yet again as foretold on the best financial Blog by the best financial Blogger in the west XCITE energy have hit 200p.

Of course there will now be the usual witterings from the darkened corners of the internet back-tracking. I seem to recall several emails castigating me can’t quite think of their nom de plumbs! Because that’s just what they are PLUMBS!

Looking very good here especially with this mornings news re’ the Options.

You may remember that the blog has been red-hot with its epistles or you may just keep sticking your head in the sand. The fact is that this blog has proven time and again that a wee bit of market fore-sight can pay in spades!

And no I do not have any XEL stock but what I do have is a cunning plan at world domination via the internet! “Give it a rest” I hear you say


300p? 400p? 500p? Take your pick!

Well done to all you Xciters the best is as of yet still to come. TD is rumoured to have been reached!

Good Luck


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No Responses

  1. Iain says:

    Dan, If you had invested it would have been a step closer to your world domination! Money = power dont you know!! 😉

  2. Alan says:

    Yes, full marks to you Dan. Wish I had believed and taken action on this myself, feel I have misssed this boat now.

  3. Biggleswick says:

    I don’t understand why you don’t join the party and dump a chunk in here. They’re amazing. Amazing company, amazing share.

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes they are quite amazing. Still an awful lot more to come.
      I can’t invest at the Mo as I need to keep a fluid cash reserve for my move to Kensington. I am in the process of buying a flat there. The prices are a scandal!


      • Biggleswick says:

        Lol, I feel your pain with housing costs. Good luck though, sure it’ll work out.

        Can you keep your ear to the ground and find out if poss if a move to the main market may occur for XEL at some stage?


  4. james says:

    Looking good.

    Excellent tip

    Now currently trading 199 / 203

    I think we can see this Rockhopper style and 500p wont be too difficult a challenge

  5. Forest Fred says:

    Nice work on xcite.

    But what next for max petroleum? Heavilly tipped, share price sliding. Short term nonsense or a long term dog?

  1. 3 November, 2010

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