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London Stock Exchange

"Pulling rabbits out of hats"


Just to let you all know that a placing confirmation has been reported in the media today.

Now on with the news. You’ll all recall Dan’s pronouncements many moons ago about GKP moving to the main market and how some huffed and puffed and rubbished this incisive piece of genuine news.

Well my contact has once again come up trumps! They’re now telling me that GKP have requested or already have the infamous FORM 1. For those of you not conversant with the ways of the market I’ll post a link.

Admission and Disclosure Standards – London Stock Exchange


The Exchange’s principal market for companies from the UK
and overseas. The Main Market is part of the Exchange’s
regulated market, and companies must meet the associated
requirements set by EU Directives. UK-domiciled companies
listing equity must meet additional listing and disclosure
standards as set by the FSA.

Now the plot thickens, if they have got FORM1 then they must be in the process of formally setting out the prospectus for the Primary Market team which in my opinion means that either they have sorted out the extra funding through the recent placing or they have confirmation from Institutions that they will be likely to come on board. The move to the Main Market is a done deal here. This move will further add value to an under-valued stock. Once the move is complete then GKP will be rocketing up.

Hold your stock.


PS RNS on the way.

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