Central Rand Gold and PYC! Warning!

Financial Services Authority


As previously mentioned on the Blog these two companies have been for various reasons reported to the FSA on many occasions by  market watchers.

There is currently an internet led price manipulation of the above stocks.

The blog has warned investors several times. However there are always new investors joining the legions of internet traders.

Stay well away from these two companies they have recently had big internet led gains followed by the inevitable falls!

There’s no fool like a new fool!

One board (lse) was particularly singled out by the double posters which led to a fsa contact sheet being generated!



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  1. johnathan says:

    looks like there might have been a reason for the PYC rise based on the the JBL agreement to be signed by end Q3. Todays RNS indicates it wont be until end Q4 so inevitably a big drop.
    People were buying in for the news by the looks of it and not some internet campaign (hope not anyway). Very likely itll go back to the low 0.2p range for a while

    • Maz P says:

      Nice post Dan

      Important to advise readers not only of potential risers but also those zombie stocks going up on a pig in a poke! If you avoid the loss-makers its almost as important as catching the winners

      CRND is a zombie miner barely trading higher than the cash raised in its rights issue – when the issued shares went up 5-fold from 300m to 1600m. Trading just under 20p at the start of the year and a few months later they set the rights issue at 2p!

      A finer example of shareholder destruction I don’t think we will ever see

  2. Chris says:

    I am new to this ‘blog’ !

    I appreciate the subject matter of the title, but
    wonder if you could provide any comment on FTO.L?



  3. GTG says:

    Hi Dan,

    very greatful for the heads up here. Out of interest is there any wispers on IRG ? seems like theres some been some movement today.



  4. Tom Gibson says:

    You have no right to be making these sorts of claims about a public listed company.

    You will be reported to the FSA in the morning.

    • Brokerman says:

      The FSA are fully aware of the current and previous pyc share manipulation. Complaints regarding crnd have been registered with.the fsa for the last 12 months.
      Report away you idiot.