Nautical. Congratulations!

Strathroy Rockets

Nautical Rockets!

Congratulations to all on the Blogship and the Boards who have invested in Nautical petroleum. A truly fantastic result. You can expect broker upgrades on this stock in the very near future. Catcher will add significantly to the current sp. Don’t forget to lock in some profit which ever way is best for each and everyone of you.

Keep your eyes on our good old friend Encore as the focus will now turn to them. Nautical and Encore are joined at the hip and the great news from Nautical can only have a positive effect on Encore and to a lesser extent Xcite.

An absolutely fantastic day enjoy the ride and remember to email the Management of Nautical with your congratulations!


PS. It’s a BIG! Play this chaps!  And Remember; Eyes on Encore!

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  1. Joseph says:

    Well done to you my friend . Any predictions regarding encore sp ? Or is it a case of alot higher than it is now 🙂

  2. chillaxed says:

    Hi Dan

    Cheers, took 5K profit from NPE today (purchased on friday), I Know its going to keep going up but I want the money for further plays, cheers and a donation on its way to Help for Heros.

    Have you anything on PELE? I know I am cheeky but today is good day.

  3. anti-ramper says:

    Can I just add congratulations to everyone who enjoyed NPE’s great news today.

    Although not in NPE (EO. & XEL) I am very happy for you all in NPE.

    Very good news and (selfishly) pointing to a good upside for my stocks.

    Thanks Dan, I’m sure you helped a few people make their decision and it’s good that it’s paid off for NPE atm.

    I’m holding EO. and XEL (in ISA), very exciting times!!!


    • mike says:

      Help ! Im trying to what you have succeeded in, putting EO and XEL in my isa, but my stockbrokers say as its Aim they are not allowed in the Isa ! please can advise who you use so i can get the tax advantages. thanks

      • anti-ramper says:

        I don’t have EO. in my ISA only XEL.
        I would call your Stockbrokers and tell them that XEL is able to be wrapped in an ISA.

        They should have a database that tells them this – surely???

  4. Bernie says:


    Well done again. I’m in EO and will look to top up soon.

    I’m also in Matra, frustrating as it is. Any idea when the news is likely to come out there?


  5. Jules says:

    Hey Dan,

    Many thanks for all your hard work and efforts! As a holder in NPE I have just sold and made a tidy 4k profit. To all the non-believers, Unlucky.

    Now lets see what EO. have got !

    Thanks again


  6. Ian says:

    Thanks again Dan 🙂 You’re a great guy and hey hope these guys that doubt you choke on their spaghetti 😉
    Money for the heroes on it’s way to the cause


  7. ray says:

    Dan cheers for all your help here& on Encore.
    isold at 329 am banking 17thousand quidit is my bestest ever earner the wife is grinning fromear to ear. She sends here best regards and wants you to know that if your ever in Barnsley theres a drink behind the bar in the walkabout just ask for Cath.
    Fantastic mate!

    I cant thank you enough if i hadn’t read your blog i’d never of checked these out.

  8. tomas says:

    I did a real stupid thing by investing money in NPE without checking them out a rush of blood to the head ive been crapping my self for the last week. the buggers only shot up to 349p ithought i’d missed the boat on them got mine at 219 parted company with the lot at 317 a healthy 3grand profit.
    next time Daniel please write a warning on your writings.