Encore/Nautical. News

The much awaited arrival of the rig for the Cladhan discovery has now arrived,  i’m told by a contact from oil barrel that set up should be complete in days and that drilling will commence (weather permitting) over the weekend once drilling starts then under FSA regulations Material effect Encore must release an RNS over the wire, so basically my opinion is that it is any day now before news is released 72 /96 hours is the general consensus here.

Big spike when they spud.

There could be a double whammy here as Catcher news is also expected given the companies last announcements and the rising Nautical/Encore prices mixed in with general goodwill some here think news is definate. These companies really are destined for great gains and i cannot emphasise how transformational for them these discoveries will be.

The targets remain the same here but expect them to increase dramatically once the full extent of Catcher,Kraken,Mariner,Cladhan etc are known

Massive potential here.

Good Luck


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  1. Dylan says:

    I missed the 50p boat, do you think theres much point in getting in at 60p?

  2. robby reid says:

    Think we could still double from here !!!!!

  3. Brokerman says:

    Dylan you must make that call yourself. It is your money. Base your decisions on research. Your research.
    Good luck


  4. Thomhas says:

    Have just got back from me hol’s Dan but ive been keenly folowing all the news an views. let me say fella that i take my hat off to you mate. Your info on encore barclays premier nautical leed vernalis lloyds millwall nighthawk gkp has been wonderful of all the net sites and blogs yours has been the one that shines out.
    Long may it continue get your web site up fella i for one will be using it!
    Its about time some on the chat sites give you credit for your efforts.
    Can you put the sitemetre back it was a good tool for looking at who from the City of London had been using your blog for infomation?


  5. philpotts says:

    You mean *Cladhan*? Doesn’t add much credibility if people can’t even get the name of the project right.

    • Brokerman says:

      I am posting while at work the n is next to the m it’s just a typo. Caln dowm!


      • OILBUG says:

        Brokerman many of us are real fans of your blog.

        Can you report on BLVN please – any city info not known? – stem testing results soon.

        Multi stacked oil discovery RNS at IE and 40% interest !

        In the mix with Encore trading

        many thanks regarding your views ……………………………

        • Brokerman says:

          Take me a few days. Very busy at the moment. Having to run full re-amendments.


          • OILBUG says:

            Thanks Brokerman – for looking into Bowleven before results.
            Results not out till 23rd August re 40 days – one hell of a stem test x 4 instead of normal one.

            Just a pain no one seems to have heard anything on an apprasial well IE which opens commercially up the whole basin

  6. Mo says:

    Can’t we just ask Encore to rename it Cladham and then problem solved?

  7. dj says:

    but Dan – what about selling some of my GKP stake, putting it in EO for 3 days and selling out when they spud and going back into GKP? Have you any comment on that strategy?