GKP Update. Strong buy.

Many on here will be looking forward to Tuesday regarding the forthcoming AGM.

Some news before for the Blogship.

The Board of GKP are expected to be very upbeat re’ the companies’ future prospects vis-a-vis share-holder value etc.  No worries here.

The current political mess fouling up Kurdistan/Iraqi oil is seen by some here as the reason for the current undervalued stock, the truth of the matter is that outside of Kurdistan there is a violent insurgency being fought, that is the ONLY reason why GKP stock is trading under expectations.

Do not be fooled this company are on the cusp of pulling off one of the major oil finds of the last 10 years. Takeover is looming here. Talks ARE being held but as always with any takeover confidentiality/secrecy breed rumour. They wont investors to be kept in the dark it is in the interest of the few to hold undervalued stock that will in time rocket it’s all about profit their profit not yours.

Rule 1 Oil Industry.  All major global oil companies are constantly seeking to increase their market share via exploration and acquisition. It is the rule of thumb for ALL global oil business models.

Rule 2. E+P oilers. Any small oiler that makes a huge oil discovery becomes a target for the global players.

Prediction; PI’s  will wake up and smell the coffee when it’s to late. 80p will be but a distant lost opportunity and you will all realise how fool-hardy you have been allowing the market to fuel your fear of losing  pennies here through negative internet chat/opinion (shorters).

I rate GKP as a very strong buy.


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No Responses

  1. dj says:

    Thank you. I asked for an update – and you gave it!

  2. scroogemcduck says:

    I have held since 8p and for me is a no brainer as its only common sense where this company is going and i,m going along with it despite all the idiots trying to scare the shares out of us,you can have my shares when the company is bought out and not before.

  3. Randalf says:

    Whatecer happens i just hope it’s soon. My intent is to hold for t/o, but i still can’t hold indefinitely.

  4. Musy says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Is there any way I can subscribe to an email alert whenever there is a new post about any company.