Leed Rising. News expected.

As mentioned on here yesterday Leed have more than doubled production hence the rise.

Remember that news is due here and the whispers are that more good news is on the way re’ production etc.

However set your margins and implement a stop loss to lock in profit.

The rule of thumb on AIM stock is that when news is lacking the sp tends to fall away.

Trade ,get in the game, get in profit, then get out!!!!!

Common sense.

Good Luck and well done to all those currently in profit here. Only for the brave. Debt ridden company could go the way of the west wind!


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  1. johnathan says:

    We had a great rise today of over 30% and the sp stayed above 4p without a retrace as might’ve been expected. It looks like we might get another good rise on monday and probably a 5p natural point for profit taking, being the level of the most recent dilution. Good news may push it up much higher and it does look like something may have leaked. Should be fun if your in.

  2. berkshire_knight says:

    Hi Dan,
    This is the first time I have looked at this stock, as a result there is one thing I cant fathom.
    In the 28/5 RNS LDP stated “”The Company’s total estimated net attributable production has more than doubled from 958 boepd for the period ended 31 March 2010 to average 2,065 boepd since concluding remedial production enhancements to legacy gas lift wells along with the recompletion of the A-7 well in the Eugene Island 183 Field, as well as the commencement of production from the Ship Shoal 201 A-6 well.”

    Why therefore did the SP rise initially to 5p then retrace all the way back to 2p
    Your comments appreciated

  3. johnathan says:

    Im not sure that’s what daniel said at all lol.

    He’ll correct me if im wrong but it looks like ‘whispers’ suggest good news is expected (2 RNS’s for Sorrento Dome and Main Pass) and we could get a really good increase though be ready to lock in profits at at a suitable point.

    Makes sense.

  4. johnathan says:

    berkshire_knight, misread your post I think. Reading the last few rns’s would probabaly give you a clearer picture though.

  5. miopus says:

    From LSE: re BP

    “I’ve been trawling the local newspapers from the affected areas to gauge local opinion and this is what I’ve found

    Shrimp fisherman Bernie Caridea said. “Thanks Bertish Pertroll-e-erm for a three month payed vacation. Me and ma boyes wernt out finshin yersterdai fer tha ferst tymme un thers mower shrimp thern ever thems shrermp was leapin in the nerts a tell yer. Wherns we got back we had a Barbi que. a usually have to brush them little critters with a oyle, bert not no more. thems shrermp comes outa the sea in thier own marinade and they tastes berter then ever. Thanks again BP.”

    Nancy Resoto who runs the Jambalaya Crawfish pie restaurant said “We jerst had te take on more sterf it’s so burssy wot werth all therms reporers and bearch clineers an all. An we gert som local shrermp in yesterdai an knock me down derd if it daint make the tastierst Jambalayer you everr derd sei”

    Charlie Vagrant speaking outside his trailer said ” I gotta thank Bertish pertroleerm no end i ain’t never held a jerb fer this lerg afor on account as i tends ter smell perty bad but BP says thert don’t matter. a bern clernin erp dems nersty lertle sandi tar balls offa that ther berch but ther ain’t non lerft no mower. But BeePee says they gerner give me werk fer some time ter cerm. The pays perty gerd two now I cern afford ter eat a Nancy’s that Jamalaya tates even berter thern a remember.

    I could only find one negative report and that from Mr’s Disgruntled from Tumbridge Wells near Panhandle beach who said

    “Bertish Pertrollierrmm you sterrrnkk”

  6. johnathan says:

    Another one from LSE:

    LDP presents quite an interesting investment prospect. It’s had the sharp drop of late but a lot of the uncertainty regarding its financial situation and operational delays, may already be factored into the sp.

    As the last operational update stated, Q2 net attributable production is up by 45% to 1391 boepd from Q1 958 boepd. However, operational issues still leave that short of previous expectations, with costs being incured to resolve those same issues.

    Although the Company was in danger of a ‘technical default’ with their existing credit facility, they’ve now renegotiated that and still have a cash balance to address some of the issues required to bring up production.

    We should be getting news any day (‘early july according to the last update) for Sorrento Dome 14-1 to recommence production at around 217 boepd. Assuming it successfully comes back online, that should bolster sentiment and of course add to revenues.

    We can also expect news in mid august for Main Pass 64 to come back on line.

    Of course Eugene Island Well A-8 would contribute significantly to overall production, currently around 369 boepd gross from the Mid Tex zone, once the well can be recompleted to the T1 zone.
    LDP still have the other Eugene Island producing assets ie Wells A-1, A-3, A-4 & A-5 as well as the Ship Shoal A-6 well producing consistently at around 1617 boepd gross (1297 boepd net).

    As the May rns stated, the Deep Horizon incident doesn’t have any impact on their current Eugene Island / Ship shoal operations and would only impact Marsh Island block 8 if a drilling suspension is in place when operations commence there, which wasn’t previously scheduled until Q3 anyway.

    The issue for PI’s is whether this presents a viable investment proposition. I believe a lot of negative sentiment and uncertainty has already been built into the current sp, hence the initial drop from after the July 1st RNS.

    We have very near term news due with Sorrento Dome and production expected to increase with remedial work bringing the other shut in wells back on line. A lot of the cash expenditure of late would have been used on accomplishing that end, with the existing credit facility now having been renegotiated, albeit at a higher cost.

    A factor to bear in mind is that the Company do have proven assets, which may present a possibility of a takeover action, if future cash positions transpire to be more challenging.

    Is the Company a good investment at current levels?

    Howard Wilson, President and Chief Executive says in the latest news release – “”While we are happy with the quarter over quarter improvement in production, we expect cash flows to improve as the Company continues to execute its work program in this financial year.”

    Investor Chronicle said: during January this year net attributable gas and oil production topped 1,000 barrels of oil a day. This figure could soon double and provide the company with more cash flow to drill 74 per cent of its reserves that are proven and probable but, as yet, undeveloped.

    If people believe those sentiments to be an accurate reflection of how things look to transpire, it would suggest a good opportunity to secure the share at a price which should appreciate strongly. If not, they’ll have to weigh a downside scenario from current levels.

    Seems to be building up some strong sentiment in this stock!