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  1. luanorte says:

    Hi Daniel – first time posting. I invested in this company Friday on the rise and after reading your post I am a bit concerned. Did I make a mistake in having these through the weekend? You wrote that MM’s have this pre-determined for a drop. Do you know when? I am not in profit as I bought at 3.30pm Friday. Average 3.30p. Do you think MM’s will wait a bit more to get as much as possible from PI’s and wait for a couple of days after monday?

    • Brokerman says:

      You need to try and gauge how the AIM market works. Any company that has a massive rise based on nothing more than the reputation of one individual will retrace. Niche are nothing more than a shell company with big ambitions. Lets hope that these ambitions come to fruition, but what we are looking at re’ the time scale to realise these ambitions is years, not days!.
      They will retrace and the market knows this.
      Could take a few days may take a few weeks but believe me these kind of rises always peter out and drift back once reality sets in.
      Recall PYC,PROVEXIS,NTOG etc etc the list is endless; the trick is to get out before the retrace with a profit.

      Good Luck.

      • luanorte says:

        Brokerman – Honestly, I usually invest in companies with good fundamentals and only invested here because of the movement on Friday. You said ‘If in profit get out now. Before the fall that is already pre-determined by the MM’s’. I am not in profit but want to get out without loosing too much on Monday if there is a re-trace. do you have anything to back up your statement? Or it is just a hunch it will happen at some point? Do you think I will have a chance of getting cash out on Monday before the re-trace?

        • Brokerman says:

          When i make enquires re’ a company i speak to a whole host of different chins some of them haven’t heard of the smaller AIM outfits and have to base their opinions on rns’s,market conditions and good old fundamentals they always work from a position of healthy objectivness. I on the other hand have been known to chase down Directors via ‘phone and email using various techniques available to my section for analysis.
          All AIM companies that rise massively eventually fall back to some degree. Historical charts prove this. That’s not to say that AIM stock will always retrace to their former SP but they almost always fall back to varying degrees, look at the recent highs of Chariot oil, Desire, etc etc.
          You have to make your own decision on YOUR stock when to buy and when to sell is YOUR CALL.
          Use every available resource out there to help you decide. Don’t rely on Blogs or internet chat always do your own research.