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  1. steve says:

    we are all in suspenders awaiting the news Dan, please don’t keep us waiting to long

    ps Great thread many thanks

    • chopper89x says:

      Lol is that serious your wearing susspenders waiting for it?

      speak for yourself in future please steve

  2. windfall says:

    Dan you the Man, i reckon alot of people will be waiting for the news, cheers, Windfall

  3. Dan says:

    I trust it is good news 🙂

    Many thanks for all of your good work.


  4. randalf says:

    cheers for the info dan

    much appreciated and will help me to make up my mind if I want another 10ks worth of GKP

  5. Diamondbob says:

    Good man, no Eastenders tonight so will give me something to look forward to whilst I’m
    snowed in

    Don’t suppose you’ve heard any whispers on who killed Archie Mitchell, could do with stuffing the bookies for a tickle to make up for the slight slippage on this share!

  6. Cornelius Pug says:

    Diamondbob – good on you mate, I was in stitches about that!

    Come on, Dan. I’ve always been a staunch supporter, but that RNS you predicted is still outstanding. Looking forward to your new predicitons with genuine bated breath!

    • Brokerman says:

      cornelius i never predicted an rns.


      • windfall says:

        That’s true he never predicted an RNS, so we will just have to wait & see, it will come when it comes, no one has news of RNS only GKP themselves, now whispers we like, LOl rumours? they will also do,

    • Diamondbob says:

      Thanks, I like to inject a little humour into this share dealing game, although I don’t think my humour is always taken the right way. Still look forward to some good news on this stock, are you watching Mr T21!

      • windfall says:

        Oh yes you can guarantee that there will be MikeyT21 Rickee, bullishboy, GOYZ, & a few others reading here ready to slate hom tomorrow, just don’t load the gun Dan, or they will fire the bullets,

    • Brokerman says:

      Cornelius i never predicted an rns i stated an rns pending alert which is an in house alert flagging this stock. This means in city speak that the market are expecting news it is quite different from an rns triggered alert which is a confirmation of an rns lodged.

      Hope this helps


  7. John William says:

    Quote from Dan: WATCH this space important announcement tonight.

    Hmm, trust this is not another announcement ( like the one before christmas )
    where your fans had to wait until you staggered back from the Office
    Christmas party in the small hours of the morning. Lol.

  8. followNev says:

    TRP traded like a dream, hopefully a bullish continuation tomorrow, a dga report and an outstanding presentation by GKP. What’s the big news?