GKP Update DGA report

First let me state that that this post will be in two parts as i feel it is called for that i deal with,, The must vaunted DGA report, contrary to popular myth GKP have been in possession of the full report for weeks; as stated. It has been the subject of many false claims and counter claims over the last few weeks if there is any investor out there that really believes that GKP have not had access on a daily basis to this report and that Dynamic Global Advisors, who are employed by GKP, can withhold this report from their paymasters then they show a complete lack of how Oil e+p companies operate.

This company are listed on the AIM they can literally bend any rule they like you or i would never know we are not privvy to Board meetings as for some of the more ridiculous comments from the Nutter fringe i advise you not to base your investments on them. Do your own research and double check the numbers.

GKP have had this report for weeks, it may of been fleshed up or even altered,however there is not a Brokerage/House/Institution in this city that are not of the opinion that GKP and their city affiliates have been in possession of it.


Now to the matter in hand my sources are telling me that the report has been the subject of much ado between GKP Board members. The whispers from here are to expect an immediate statement from Kozel when the report is lodged and aired, now there are certain camps within the city that are expecting news re’ a possible  funding solution if they decide to go into production there are also other individuals who are certain that the current news black-out coupled with the recent embargo that was lifted recently is a precursor to a Takeover/Partnering deal with a major oiler  (My opinion is that Takeover talks have been secretly ongoing for quite some time with Hunt Oil a possible bidder i could very well be wrong, time will tell).

As for the contents of the DGA report there is no way that any one outside the loop can know. There is speculation that the OIP  recoverable resources are  not as much as Kozel has intimated on  the 14 billion comment made on CNN. However the find is still expected to be gigantic and probably one of the biggest ever found by any small E+P Oiler.

I have increased my stake today on the basis of what i personally am privvy too. I am going to go out on a limb here and publicly state that News from GKP is well overdue and that the pressure on them to release the DGA report is overwhelming. Look for a spike in SP  as an indicator of news leaking out from the company. There are no RNS alerts as of yet but we here are all expectant. My feeling is that Monday is the day (I can feel the knives already being sharpened by the Nutters) however it could just as easily be thur/fri it all depends on what impact the company want to make in the market.

There are several reasons why the SP is treading water 1/Political situation in Kurdistan. 2/Failure to publish DGA report. 3/Global Reccession.

GKP have come an awful long way their stock has risen many multiples of times do not be distracted by the petty day to day  moronic rantings of so called full time private investors who post utter cack on the Boards.

This company are about to make an awful lot of small investors very happy. 


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  1. Stallionman says:

    Thanks dan,

    Fingers crossed for news soon as I am fed up of checking lse at 7 am every morning.

    I am even waking at weekend now early LOL

  2. N R says:

    Informative reading…good work Dan. Keep up the good work.

  3. Pippy says:

    Thanks Dan for all the help.
    Reassuring to know that at least you have the balls to post on here.
    What do you think this statement fromKozel will be about/


  4. Dan Johnson says:

    Hi Dan, been following your site for a while now but just a bit confused over your latest report saying that there are no RNS alerts when on Sunday 10th you commented on your blog “One more point RNS pending alert triggered 3.01 pm sunday 10th 2010” Can you please clear this up, thanks, Dan

    • Brokerman says:

      An rns PENDING alert is an in House alert flagged on market networks what it is is an assumption that the market are awaiting an official lodging of an rns. Quite and completely different from an RNS alert which is an official lodging of an rns.


  5. Jim says:

    I thought an RNS alert had been triggered Sunday. Has that been withdrawn?

    The 14 billion figure was never going to happen or was to be expected when S-2 hasn’t been drilled yet. DGA could never put their name to it. They were only commissioned to a certain depth and that is all they can comment upon but no doubt if S-2 is drilled and no water is found then DGA may be in a better position to comment upon the upside then and will have to wait a few months for that. TK comments are the company estimates of a best case scenario…..

  6. Hotchick99 says:

    As always Dan, great informative posts. Just looking forward to some news now. Hopefully won’t be too long. Thanks for your investigative work.

  7. david says:

    Hi Dan

    What happened to the pending alert triggered on Sunday? Is that still on?


  8. miopus says:

    Dan – you are right – steeley blades being sharpened on iii (esp. re DGA report)

  9. MrFluffy says:

    Thank you.

  10. steve says:

    Thanks Dan, you have certainly opened a Hornets nest with that post, plenty of criticism from advfn and interactive doing the rounds. Wish you could have been more objective and had not used so many normative statements but perhaps you are limited in what you can disclose.

    Thanks for your input and good luck, hope you prove all the doubters wrong.

    • Brokerman says:

      Well thats to be expected by the shorters ,no doubt Tas the Dribble and his cohorts are at the fore front. LMAO at them!
      They’ll all be secretly closing their shorts promptly tomorrow.


      • miopus says:

        Some very nasty and uncalled for comments on iii tonight. Disgusting.

        I note that you and your bloggers Dan have again beeen accused of trying to gain a car in some shady deal for our own purposes.

        “Nutters” isn’t the word for them.

  11. miopus says:

    Post from Jay053 iii GKP

    “Dan is full of ”methane” as he puts it!!
    Hes even trying to get his bloggers to win him a new BMW on gum tree!!
    He cant provide any proof, to confirm that hes going to auction it off and pass the proceeds to to a charity!! ”

    Disgusting accusation !

  12. miopus says:

    Well done Dan. I do hope those on iii last night are choking on their vicious words !!!

  13. Brokerman says:

    Miopus keep your eye on Tower don’t take your eyes off the game here.
    Just ignore the vicious comments rely on the likes of Hub et all for good informed comment. He is about to be proved correct on Tower.


    • Jay053 says:

      Hub sold out of tower, to buy back at 3.50,, hope he bought back in,, i decided to sell also at the asme time but bought back on the good sterngth!!

      Also I would like to take this oppotunity to apologise if i have offended you, last night I posted stating a few facts,, if calling you Shirlock Holmes offended you im surprised,,, as the detective work you have done has paid off!!
      Saying that you cant privide proof that you will contribute to a charity,, was true!! you cant, i dont expect you to if you want to keep your identity under wraps,,
      Bullying isnt being done by me, its beeing done by your friend miopus!!

      I am sorry dan,, this is a time for pleasantries,, i have been asked this morning if i would like to help with Aid for the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti and the Dominican Republic,, I shall be helping and was wondering if you could provide any support on your blog,,,

      Thankyou in advance


      • Brokerman says:

        There’s no need for any apologies Jay. As someone who is involved in the city i can tell you that it is water off a ducks back.

        If you want a link on here for your charity effort i will be only too glad to help.

        Good luck with your investing strategy.


        • Jay053 says:

          Thanks dan,, when everything is set up i will send a link for your site,, just trying to organise things with another couple of aid groups!!

          Im pleased it was water off a ducks back to you,,, it seems not to some people,,

          Light hearted jesting is hard to portray through messages!! Also a slight bit of tipsy ness lol

          Good luck to you aswell!!


        • Jay053 says:

          Thankyou Dan, here is a link for WORLD VISION, with whom we are going to be working with in line with Donations, these can be paid easily on there site!! All donations our local group collects will be paid direct to WORLD VISION!

          As for the aid packs which we are collecting, it has been decided to keep it local as there are many other groups in many towns making collections to aid the people in Haiti, we feel our/other efforts can be best used in local areas for this!

          Thankyou for offering to post a link on your Blog!


      • miopus says:

        I am not a bully Jay. I simply think it is wrong of you to have posted the personal comments that you did in relation to the charity issue. I stick to my original view that it is wrong to have posted the comments that you did on a public forum about Dan’s charitable act.

        You have no knowledge of me or my charitable acts – there was a personal attack on me too about that.

        Again, there is a new personal attack from you now about me being a bully.

        You have no idea who I am to describe me as a bully.

        I suggest that you cease the personal attacks. That would be one charitable act for you to start with.

  14. Tim says:

    Congratulations on your informative posting keep up the good work and for thelove of God hurry up and get a website where subscription onlymembers can acces it.
    It’s agem of a blog.