GKP Update 15 (back in the uk)

Well it’s been a real rollercoaster of a day here in the city. First let me explain for the benefit of those who can’t work out what an embargo means. When an embargo is called on a stock that means that the company are holding back news the LSE can not publish any rns until the company lift the embargo. But what it tells us is that there is some thing out there that the company don’t want in the public domain until they see that the time is right. It could last a day or it could last a fortnight.

The markets are very buoyant at the moment banks and oil are expected to lead the charge back to normality through out 2010.

The whispers from here re’ GKP are that news is imminent re’ a funding solution.I myself see this as a bluff by the company  to flesh out a TO bid which i think is well advanced. (My opinion) News from out of Iraq has began to turn positive re’ the dispute currently ongoing between  Baghdad and the KRG the current Geo political situation is thought to be coming to a head through direct pressure from Washington which is rumoured to be under siege from the oil lobby!  Targets on this stock are always being revised up or down depending on what house issue. I expect this to hit 100p before the weeks out.

I have rather took my eyes off the ball as of late now that i am back in the old country and firmly ensconced at my desk i shall endeavour to persevere with the updates. 

Don’t take any notice of the shorters over on some of the boards and for Gods sake pay no attention to some of the nonsense currently being posted about oil spill overs in to other company blocks. Absolute nonsense! 


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  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the update Dan, and your new e-mail alert feature is working a treat… top marks ! 😉

    • Brokerman says:

      Ok jeff all the best for this new year.


      • modfather says:


        i trust you had a good break over the festive period.

        i would just like to thank you so much, for your continued dedication in supplying us with useful information on this stock.

        off subject abit, do you have any information regarding MXP. this stock seems to be gaining momentum fast. there seems to be huge potential in this baby?



  2. barongboy says:

    Keep up the good work Dan.

  3. randalf says:

    welcome back Dan

  4. Stig says:

    Cheers Dan – glad to have you back. Do you have any updates on SAM? I guess it is early days for you. Also you may want to watch AMER – its been rising really strongly over last few weeks.


    • Brokerman says:

      Yes i have been impressed with the two companies you lads have mentioned. Amer/MXP have both been tipped by some of the press over the last few months. With MXP they seem to be on a drilling charge the chances of success have been rated highly for them.
      Remember that the Oil sector and Banking sector are where there are fantastic gains this year just make sure you pick stock that is tipped,have good fundementals and are run by people that know the business. I note that chariot are surging as we speak (tipped by me some time ago) Desire are also gaining ground but remember that once you reach your gain target get the profit and bank it CASH is king in the long run and there will always be other gains to be had (Watch Hightex)There is going to be an awful lot of movement in both sectors re’ mergers and acquisitions.
      Virgin and several others are circling some of the banking sectors forced sell offs.
      This in itself will cause a mini spike in the banking sector. Lloyds for security!
      Good luck,,,,, jesus from a desert to a snow blanket in 48 hours!


      • miopus says:

        Yes. There have been some amusing basher baiting contests going on on iii Dan ……inshallah !

  5. windowman says:

    Great to have you back Danno. Just out of curiosity why were you over in the middle east? Did ya visit any oil wells r was it business or pleasure come on spill the beans!


  6. Robert O says:

    Dan. Good to see you updating again!! all looks very positive.
    During your recent trip round the MIDDLE EAST any news on whether or
    not the QATARIS are going to oust the CHINESE in the race for
    Canary Wharf (SONGBIRD ESTATES) In a recent post
    you thought the Chinese
    were the favourites?

    Good luck

    • aj says:

      Hi Rob, with the RNS yesterday bringing three Qatari Directors to the board of Songbird Estates and the huge buys again today it sums up the position with SBD very well. I personally expect a takeover but it’s going to be very exciting as the Chinese are also major investors and so we could see a battle for ownership and as a result I expect some considerable upward movement in the share price. There has been several million pounds invested today across a number of very large buys. It’s now getting very interesting indeed.

      • Robert O says:

        Thanks AJ.

        I am glad i too up my allocation during SONGBIRDs recent
        RI _ I keep thinking they could still be as (cheap as chips)

        Good luck if you are in.


        • aj says:

          Hi, Nice to meet a fellow investor in ‘Songbird Estates’. I noted you said as ‘Cheap as chips’. This was a quote by Jeff Foster in a Daily Mail article in reference to Songbird Estates Share price. II assume you must have read the article then? Here’s the original article via the link below just to refresh your memory or in case you missed it.

          Read more here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/article-1231288/MARKET-REPORT-Arabs-look-set-cage-Songbird.html#ixzz0Z8ROUaTF

          I noted today the following buys so hold onto those shares as it looks as though it’s playing out as per Jeff Fosters article.


          Total Cost: £1,415,800.80

          To add the above buying pattern has been repeated throughout this week and in previous weeks as well. I note many millions of pounds being invested this week alone.

          Hold onto your shares as remember their as ‘cheap as chips’ but not for to much longer I feel…

  7. ed says:

    Daniel you are the man!! You posted that GKP should hit 100p this week they have just hit 99.75p. Well done young man.
    Big up to you ive registered for this comp you might as well pay me now pal.


  8. miopus says:

    Re: Competition. My own IT knowledge is limited. I cannot possibly advise you on prizes in the computing/electrical category. I would suggest however from my perusal of financial boards that many ordinary investors would like but cannot afford and therefore do not have access to Level 2 and might appreciate a prize to enable them to use a good source.

    • Brokerman says:

      Level 2 thats a great idea it could be an alternative to a cash prize there could be a choice as the winner or runners up may already have L2.


  9. Barnston pickle says:

    Great dan for the update looks like your sp prediction of 100p came quicker than we on iii expected.
    They’ve all gone quiet no honesty or honour on iii any more just knockers, don’t read anyone posting that you’ve got it right once again. Dickheads and that mikeyadmin is a real nobjockey always knocking you dan he is green with envymate. Keep up the top posts.

    The Pickle.

  10. enzoferrari says:

    Well done dan.

    Hows the webbsite idea going ? I for one would be very interested in helping if you want (a back office , site access etc etc)

    Keep up the good work.


    • Brokerman says:

      Enzo i’ll tell you what you may be able to help me with.
      I need some sort of basic programme that i can use for the competition to list all the entrants and their stock picks some thing that allows me to manually update it at the end of each trading day maybe an historic graph or such have you any thoughts?
      I would really be most grateful.
      As for a website i have been checking out some of the web hosts. I have registered a Domain name in anticipation of a site though i expect i’ll certainly need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Stig says:

        Might be able to help yopu with that Dan if you tell me your requirements. I have Excel based protfolio type tools I write that may be what you need.


  11. Stig says:

    I know its easy to knock the GKP bb on III but it does occaisionally come up with superb posts such as the following by Gramacho…


    Recommend all to read this if not done so already. In fact the entire thread is worth a browse.


    • Brokerman says:

      Yes stig i am very impressed with this chap Gramacho. Excellent posts and his presence certainly seems to of brought out the best in the board especially with the shorters now in hiding (until the next drop.)
      Pass on my regards to him and the rest of the board.


  12. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

  13. piphiphooray! says:

    Kepp it coming daniel
    Your as reliable as sun in the deserts!
    Bang on with this post. Proved right finished just as you predicted.

    Hippip hooray


  14. Robert O says:

    Hi AJ re SONGBIRD (Canary Wharf)
    Thanks for your reply (further down page)
    As DAN would say Jesus when i read your post i thought
    i m going to have to sleep with the share certificate under
    the pillow _ had no idea about the millions being invested
    in this- I think i will be joining these lovely people
    with deep pokets on monday by getting a few more!!!

    All the best

    • aj says:

      Hi Rob,

      Come one now own up which one of these buys is yours? I would just love to admit one or more or them was mine but alas it’s not the case sadly. (I do have a fair number though).

      It certainly seems to be hotting up at Canary Wharf and I think the Qataris must be getting very close to increasing their investment to the target of 29.9pc as reported by Jeff Foster in the Daily Mail. I wonder how much we’ll be offered for our shares? It’s certainly becoming more and more interesting by the day and you can’t blame the Qataris when the shares are as ‘cheap as chips’… lol.

      Today’s big buys as noted from the London Stock Exchange.


      1 Million Shares Purchased.

      Total Investment Amount £1,620,676

      Here’s to a great week ahead!

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