Update3 (hotting up here.)

News/speculation from the city,market,floors.
GKP have finalised the much awaited Resource report it has been signed off by the Board. ( Rumoured to be circulating between various interested parties.) The leaks will come now! Some chins beginning to tout OIP figure in excess of 5/6 billion. (My thinking is 4/5)
Stock is still in a holding pattern but it could change.
There is NO embargo on this stock. (I read that as a positive relaxing of company attitude re’ the Mol debacle)
Takeover chat persists in the backgound and Every financial Institution in this city are on ALERT/WATCH. Once one of them get a sniff of news then this stock is expected to explode upwards. Every position over the last 7 days has had to be revised mainly upwards. There are no short instructions in place worth reporting, just a few punters with small hedges.
Point to note; the volumes being traded have slowed significantly this is an indication of a hold phase on the stock.
I really can’t express how important it is at this crucial stage of this companies development to HOLD YOUR NERVE!
I am hearing all kinds of wild whispers. If one tenth of it is true then 200/300p will be hit before the next drill.



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